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Johnny Manziel Does This As Part Of Rehab...

Johnny went to visit kids in the hospital while transitioning out of rehab.  Apparently it’s already something he likes to do, along with visiting kids in schools.  22 more words


Shocking Decision Woman Made To Save Marriage

She took a year off from marriage!  The woman says she refused to go to her grave with no kids and only four lovers.  So, she and her husband can both sleep with other people.

See her explain HERE


Oops! Katy Perry Accidentally Tweeted This...

Katy Perry accidentally gave out her phone number to 70 million people on Twitter, and 16 million people on Instagram on Wednesday, April Fool’s Day. 35 more words


Really? How To Make Sure You Have A Boy Or Girl

A professor says the more you have sex, the more likely you will have a boy ….. while girls are more likely to be born during times of stress. 26 more words


Does This Make You Afraid To Fly?

If you are yawning too much, whistling, complaining or have just shaved with a pale face…plus LOTS more!

See it all HERE


CLASSIC! Indian's Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves...

The people at the Indians have done it again…they made an awesome video to get us pumped for the new season.!

This is fantastic!!

See it HERE


This Celeb Wants To Replace Zayn In One Direction...

John Stamos?  Why not?  If you’re a “Full House” fan AND a One Direction fan, this would blow your mind.

Check out his “audition” for One Direction HERE