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What Color Is This Dress?

This is CRAZY!  Some random person (probably a Kardashian or Kimmel) posted this pic, and asked, “What color is this dress?”  Now it’s EVERYWHERE!

The story is HERE


Average Joe Orders An "Ariana Grande" Drink At Starbucks

I thought it would be a much more awkward experience that this!  I saw a Starbucks at Great Northern Mall, and had my wife take video of the experience. 27 more words


Elsa From "Frozen" Arrested

She keeps bringing on the cold, so the police keep “arresting” her.  This is hilarious…and also hard to explain to kids?

See the pics HERE


The Sexiest Names For Men And Women Are...

I totally agree with the women list…

Top 10 Sexiest Names For Women

1. Scarlett
2. Nicolette
3. Natalia
4. Anaïs
5. Paulina
6. Alessandra… 24 more words


This Woman Is Preventing A "50 Shades Of Grey" Sequel

The dude who played Christian Grey has a wife who is apparently jealous.  Wouldn’t you be?  Um, yeah.

Actress Amelia Warner is said to be… 68 more words


Sneak Peek At New Stuff At Cedar Point!

Well, this should get you excited about Summer!

The floor-less roller coaster Rougarou coming in May.

Relocation of the bumper cars, a new name for Krazy Kars kiddie bumper, now called Joe Cool’s Dodgem School, updates to the hotel and more!



Shocking Thing Inside Celebrity Oscar Swag Bag...

Sex toys, REALLY??

The gift bags are worth a record $167,000 each.

Some of the naughty stuff:

• Laser vibrator. The Afterglow Pulsewave Vibrator bills itself as the world’s only adult toy that utilizes a low-level laser to enhance arousal. 205 more words