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Vintage Metal Cabinet

The doctor is in.

Doctor Storage that is. Great for organizing crafts projects, your ‘things in jars’ collection or what have you.

It is 51 inches tall, 24 wide and 12 inches deep and in good condition. 52 more words

20th Century

* Available Soon *

Still getting the hang of how all their appendages work, Rosies kittens are learning new tricks every day. Trying to scale the castle walls of their bassinet fortress has proven quite a challenge, but they’re not giving up; ‘Once more unto the breach!’ Learning how to be a kitten is a lot of hard work, but being adorable just comes naturally to these little fuzz balls. 33 more words

1920's Sofa & Chair Set

Very nice old sofa reupholstered in contemporary fabric but with a period appropriate Egyptian revival theme. In good condition, comfy and roomy but not monstrously large. 37 more words

20th Century

1-DAY SPECIAL DEAL - Code: R1597 - Sashed Printed Dress

Sashed Printed Dress

(Code: R1597)

Measurement: Length – 85cm, Bust – 94cm, Shoulder – 35cm, Sleeve Length – 26cm, Waist – 74cm, Hips – 116cm… 44 more words


Code: E8482 - ¾ Sleeves Casual Top

¾ Sleeves Casual Top

(Code: E8482)

Measurement: Length – 57cm, Bust – 96cm, Shoulder – 36cm, Sleeve Length – 39cm, Waist – 92cm, Hem – 96cm… 21 more words


Code: E6980 - Cardigan & Sleeveless Top Set

Cardigan & Sleeveless Top Set

(Code: E6980)


Top: Length – 61cm, Bust – 90cm, Shoulder – 32cm, Waist – 80cm, Hem – 94cm

Cardigan: Length – 63cm, Bust – 96cm, Shoulder – 35cm, Sleeve Length – 58cm, Waist – 82cm, Hem – 98cm… 20 more words


Code: E8660 - V-Neckline Chiffon Top

V-Neckline Chiffon Top

(Code: E8660)

Measurement: Length – 56cm, Bust – 90cm, Shoulder – 33cm, Sleeve Length – 57cm, Waist – 86cm, Hem – 92cm… 16 more words