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This Is How It All Happened. This Is How AndrianVidano Died.

Cover taken from Rose Hip Zero by Tohru Fujisawa. Yah, saya nggak bener-bener meninggal sih, jadi yang berharap saya mati, maaf ya. Instead, I died, inside, a lil’ bit. 1,299 more words


Batman: Under The Red Hood Review [SPOILER ALERT!]

Cover taken from HERE

Jadi, baru 2 hari yang lalu saya tamat main story Batman – Arkham Knight di PS4, which is the BEST ACTION GAME ON NEXT-GEN YET! 722 more words


Tren Wibu Kekinian: Unlimited Delusion Works | Is Chivalry Really Dead?

Post kali ini adalah post crossover AV+ dengan ibnualhusein ! Di akhir post ini nanti bakal ada ke link untuk Unlimited Delusion Works versi bung Ibnu… 912 more words


A/V: The Black Dahlia Murder - "Vlad, Son of the Dragon"

One of the most consistent bands in death metal over the last decade, The Black Dahlia Murder have been progressively evolving their sound into a finely tuned obliteration machine. 143 more words


A/V: Thundercat - "The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam"

Thundercat stays busy. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and bassist for Suicidal Tendencies; it’s a wonder the man has time to sleep. Born Stephen Bruner, Thundercat has been collaborating with numerous artists over the course of his musical career. 124 more words