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The Roommate Story

Alright… This one is a current blog.  Finally!

Yesterday (March 2nd) I moved out of my piso.  There are a lot of reasons and this could be a long post but I will try to keep it short, sweet and to the point. 924 more words


Mallorca? Yes please.

Well good morning… It´s been awhile but after reading a ton of blogs lately (for a reason I´ll explain later) and decided I should probably update mine. 958 more words


The One with the Feb Update

It’s March! This brings two realisations, each one at opposite ends of the spectrum… 1. March appears to have brought Spring!!! Delighted doesn’t cover it. 2. 664 more words

British Council

Bilbao Followed by the Week from Hell

((Before you read this in March, know that I wrote this in December… Before my big Europe trip but I hadn´t uploaded photos until now soooo I will be adding a ton of posts now!  1,426 more words


Review: Being an auxiliar in Madrid in 2nd grade basic, Monday 2nd period

Second period begins at 9.45am, so at 10:10am we are finally settling in our seats, once everyone has had a chance to draw a pink cat on the blackboard. 408 more words



Hmmm it’s February already! How did that happen? Way too many things have happened for me to be able to catch up on them but I came back from Christmas holidays on the 9th of January having seen lots of family and friends. 361 more words


Long Ramblings on Long Weekends and Long Distance

So my parents have been and gone… and leaving them in the Airport was like coming back after Christmas all over again. It was so nice to be able to be my weird self with my weird family, and to have a wee taster of home in Spain — but leaving them was definitely difficult. 615 more words