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Winter Wind ~ Alicia Constant

The wind has a way of uncovering
all the chinks in my armor:

the gaps between my coat-sleeves and my gloves,
the space between each button, and… 56 more words

Autumn 2013

Franklin County Morning ~ Stephen Williams

The Blind call Winter a time of death with
Her barren woods and forsaken blooms.
“The forests are stripped of their glory,” they cry.
Not so, say I, beholding… 41 more words

Autumn 2013

I Am Alive! ~ Mary Elizabeth Bransom

           How weird is that?

           Have you ever thought about how insane and crazy it is that you exist? The chances of you existing approach zero and flirt with it. 476 more words

Autumn 2013

Sonia: The Other Crime ~ Hannah Cudal

In the morning, when she woke up, Wisdom mocked her. A dusty light passed through the small window and laid bare the cracks in the warped floorboards. 4,092 more words

Autumn 2013

The Girl in the Woods ~ Jonathan Boes

First Place, Short Short Story Contest 2013

It took Carson a long time to step into the woods. For a while he just stared like a frightened deer. 744 more words

Autumn 2013

The Winter War ~ Jimmy Waters

Second Place, Short Short Story Contest 2013

“Every December, they come. Although we are guilty of no offense, they continue to cut down and dishonor our brothers and sisters. 724 more words

Autumn 2013