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Diēs Septemdenarius (Part 1)

I was seventeen once.

Hard to believe, to me at least, but true. So, now that it has been a few days: how does it feel to be seventeen, Iceh? 1,298 more words

Open Letter To My Father

Dear Dad,

This letter is an act of remembering.

I think of you as a person thinks of a sweet scent that he has smelled briefly only once and  yearns for because he will never smell it again. 1,640 more words


BOATS - Part 5

Soon after the night we played our little game, Steve and Paula stopped seeing each other.

“Did you break up with him or did he break up with you?” I asked here the next day during lunch. 944 more words


Mango pickles

We have passed many mango seasons. We are still mango in tree and cuckoo, the latter shouting for west hills rain.

We can pelt no stones at mangoes now but can eat stones off their sweet pulp.Our eaten stones sprout tender leaves from stinking garbage dumps ,homes to pigs.When they grow big they host cuckoos ,their branches rub each other in love. 21 more words


My tragicly, hopeless romantic self

By the title of the Blog you can tell that I identify with the Disney princesses as far as my relationship style goes.  Every man I have chemistry with is Prince Charming or maybe even a frog that will turn into a prince once I break the evil spell.   648 more words


Convenience Stores and Fat People.

More frequently than not life mirrors a common experience at a convenience store. The particular experiences where you spend more money on junk food than on gas, you know. 308 more words