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House Guest Imperative

I have a plan on how to approach my hoard. I mean I know how I would go about it. Like what I would organize how and in what order — but I have a problem. 221 more words



As we had approached it we fell headlong into its oncoming, fitful sweaty barrenness a blankness staring from our eyes, crazily tongue-tied like the evil man in a dark cloak with hell- hair on the ears, covering sound.There was no option about music that came. 82 more words


Autobio Storiez!

Here’s a narration you might enjoy! From a drunken Trav!


Auto.......Bio! Comix!

Hey dawgz and dawgettez…This is an entry into the many facets of one human character…mine. Hope you don’t mind. This comic is about being personably influential..! 55 more words


Bird chick

The bird could be aloft and fluttering its wing but for design defect forming and falls and putters under cupboard crying from its inner anguish to God,inner anguish about others ineptitude, for which it putters about in half wing. 52 more words


Café Culture Comics

At the end of last summer, I was sat outside a bar in Madrid one glorious blue-skied afternoon chatting with a friend about books we’d read, films we’d watched, news we’d heard, and idly speculating about new creative projects we might try our hand at, which in many ways just made it pretty much like any other day in the life over the last three years (I’m not telling this to make you envy my enviable lifestyle, but go right ahead if you want to). 239 more words