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Seeing is for the asking

Seeing brims over our things ,storms our teacups, fills anchorages,balconies for a night, sunlit spaces in tall trees ,corners where a mom meets a shadow,a lizard on the wall. 93 more words


Day 4 - 5 Day B&W Challenge:

Today I’m going to cheat ever so slightly. I’m giving you two pics taken at last year’s Peter Gabriel. The first is of the man himself. 126 more words


#BeWoW - Diary of a Quirky Girl, 4.03.2015

OK, this is the first time I’m participating in the #BeWow blogshare started by RonovanWrites. BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. The idea is to post something nice or wonderful on Wednesdays to brighten up someone’s day.  669 more words



Week 16

These are the songs I picked between 10 October and 16 October 2014. I’ll talk about them next time.

Stepping Out (Reprise) - Liza Minnelli… 158 more words


Someday I'll Fly Away

Sometimes all that I want is to marathon epic fantastic movies like Pirates, LOTR, Narnia, Star Trek, Stardust, and the like.  During these times, it feels like if I were able to watch all of these movies as quickly as possible, maybe, just maybe, when I looked back at my own world it would be half as magical, half as stupendous as the worlds I run away to.   93 more words

Creative Writing

Tunes Of Torture Read By Melanie Lutz From Vanessa By The Sea (11 of 40)

“I am spending a lot of time alone.”  There is nothing for me to do in the process other than to be with myself in my complete aloneness…. 42 more words

Vanessa By The Sea