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The Most Expensive Film Ever Made... Until Someone Spent More or The General

We all have our prize possessions; those items that mean more than some calculated amount. It could be a key, a stuffed toy or a simple picture, and for many there is certainly more than one. 446 more words


WEEK 31 / 23 - 29 JANUARY 2015

211 FRIDAY 23 JANUARY 2015

More I Cannot Wish You – John Carpenter


Summer of 1992 has a special place in my memories. I had finished my masters in the spring, and the organisation I had been working for a few months had extended my contract for another six months. 2,773 more words


Dear Marc Maron and others: Don't Judge or indulge suffering

Michelangelo could render suffering

And he could mope about it. He felt VERY deeply. He was very repressed I think.  Talented guy though.

In his TV show Marc Maron recently asked the question: what is the relationship between creativity need suffering? 994 more words


All I Have To Give

I will not claim I have a lot to give

Save for the steaming asphalt on a summer’s day

After the first drops of rain kiss the city skies. 387 more words

Facebook Post (not posted)

Friend posted about pick-up artists and how they were slimy and insecure.  I used to be one, so I wrote out this response.

I’m a recovering one-of-these. 693 more words


Book shelf

My bookshelf has turned old and gray, a steel – glass self of see-through age holding my old books to read nothing,just a smile, a memory of old smells,while silver fish swim in their spines . 39 more words