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Improv Poetry   (2015Jul06)

Monday, July 06, 2015                                             3:37 PM

I have two kinds of improvs—ones that I just sit down and do, and ones that I think about beforehand. 276 more words


Research point: Francesca Woodman

The course notes introduce the work of Francesca Woodman and ask us to consider the following comment on her work by Bright (2010): “It is difficult not to read Woodman’s many self-portraits […] as alluding to a troubled state of mind. 1,161 more words


'I've got great news?'

This spoken word was the first I uploaded to an audience… It isn’t the most polished, but I feel it captures something the more rehearsed ones don’t; and though many attempts have been made, I haven’t been able to replicate it since! 421 more words


The Most Expensive Film Ever Made... Until Someone Spent More or The General

We all have our prize possessions; those items that mean more than some calculated amount. It could be a key, a stuffed toy or a simple picture, and for many there is certainly more than one. 446 more words


How far back can I see behind me?

So as someone who’s life was sort of destroyed by a series of random events overlapping each other, I spend a lot of time thinking about the past. 663 more words


I suppose introductions are in order...

So where do I begin? I guess a pretentious cliché is as good a start as anything. If you’ve stumbled across this “Blog” Then I should probably warn you, it’s going to get dark. 738 more words


WEEK 31 / 23 - 29 JANUARY 2015

211 FRIDAY 23 JANUARY 2015

More I Cannot Wish You – John Carpenter


Summer of 1992 has a special place in my memories. I had finished my masters in the spring, and the organisation I had been working for a few months had extended my contract for another six months. 2,773 more words