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Sometimes I feel like the numerous vials of blood being examined. The labs examine it in such a way to identify every thing that makes meĀ  786 more words


I feel like my body is in full retaliation of this whole process. I say this with humor because recently humor is the only thing getting my through the day. 156 more words

Another Tough Week with a Happy Ending

Overall this has not been a great week for me. I’ve had horrific migraines, to the point where I had to pull over with my kids in the car because my vision was to blurry to drive. 641 more words

Chronic Pain

Drafting posts and MORONS.

I’m currently writing 2 different posts about my life in general and my diseases genetic flaws (or imperfections) and I’m wondering. I’m wondering if they aren’t going to end up as a “oh poor me, I’m so sad, feel pity on me!” posts. 225 more words


When you can't find your note

When singing with any orchestration one of the hardest parts can be finding your starting note. The intro could be full of flourishes and trills and unless you find the right first note in that sea of music, the song will go all wonky and sound all wrong. 440 more words


If it’s any indication of how exhausted I was, I said 9-12 weeks of IV antibiotics when it is actually 9-12 months.

Today the fatigue is on a whole other level. 234 more words

Rock Bottom is becoming deeper & deeper

I’ve had a lot of events happen that have me thinking “okay, yep, this is rock bottom.” Yet life is constantly showing me that no, it is not rock bottom, in fact ill just keep digging this hole and show you just how much worse it can be. 422 more words