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Time Out

Ah, humans. They’re like the chillis of life; they’re great for spicing things up, but after a full course serving, some of us need a cool down period, or we can end up burned out, numb, and vowing never to try it ever again.  241 more words

Welcome to the Star Academy

Providing children with autism or a related disorder with an appropriate education requires expertise. The Star Academy is an affiliate of the Centre for Autism and Related Disorders (C.A.R.D.) based in the USA. 574 more words


David and Autism Awareness

Where does the time go?  Oh – laundry, dishes, meal times, snacks, playgrounds, play dates, learning, kisses, hugs, church, grocery shopping, bedtimes, baths, fishing strange things out of the toilet, avoiding the lego obstacle course on the way down the hall – oh yeah.   983 more words


Dollar Tree Pill Box + Free PDF = Twist and Turn Sequencing

In our daily work as parents and teachers it’s common to hear, “First we do this, then this…” When we use the dangle the carrot method of redirection, or in the ABA world use the Premack Principal, we’re giving our children a means to anticipate what’s to come, while also giving them a goal to work towards. 530 more words


Toilet Training Severe Autism

No matter what happens from here on with Brendan, one thing I can always be proud of, and one thing I can always know I gave him, was the ability to use the toilet. 1,154 more words


Day #258 - The Line

First – these thoughts have been swirling in my head for quite some time.  If they don’t make complete sense, I apologize.  It’s a rare moment that I have difficulty putting thoughts into words…but here I am, having difficulty. 695 more words

Dandelions - then and now

I’ve always encouraged Sam to write without rules at home – no intro, no body paragraphs in logical order, no quotes, no grand conclusion. None of the things that his school assignments asked for. 1,146 more words