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"Better Late Than Never"

A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled “Disappointed”.  It was about the big bunch of “nothingness” that was going on at my school regarding “World Autism Awareness Day”.  138 more words

Best of friends...


(Too adorable not to share and worthy of the overposting)


melatonin again. 

We first tried Melatonin about a year ago.

Ollie is a nightmare to settle at night. Once he is asleep it’s fine, he won’t stir till morning, but it’s often long after midnight when he falls asleep. 374 more words


Scheduled Chaos

A few years ago I overheard a conversation where a teacher said that people with autism cannot handle many different responsibilities at the same time. I wanted to step in and comment, but I didn’t. 326 more words


Dealing with Our Autism Journey In Public: An Open Letter to That Mom

A reprint of an article I published on my former autism blog, “Same Child, Different Day

“The other day that mom with the little boy who was making so much commotion in the… 653 more words


Finding relief for autism-related stress

Original post from The Orange County Register


All parents face daily obstacles, but parents of children with autism experience increased challenges that can result in overwhelming anxiety, depression, self-doubt and sadness. 445 more words