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Moving Day

I know I have been a little behind in my posts, but I have a good reason for it that many of you will understand. You see my family and I moved so it was a process and not a quick over the weekend kind of thing. 1,925 more words


#autismspeaks10 and #actuallyautistic #autismchampions – part two

At the end of yesterday’s post, I mentioned that a fellow writer and mom of an autistic kiddo had contacted me to ask for some help with an opinion piece she’d been asked to write. 1,112 more words

Autism-Friendly Performance Of Cinderella Coming To Boston Opera House

BOSTON (CBS) – After the recent success of the autism-friendly production of the Lion King, a Boston theater company is opening the curtain on a new show. 139 more words


Never Give Up

A few weeks ago I posted a piece called “Love Letter to my Autistic Son for When I’m Gone” on the Autism Speaks website. It clearly resonated with many people, and I read every single comment on their website and Facebook page, and responded to as many as I could. 687 more words


My thoughts on #AutismSpeaks10

(Trigger warnings: ableism, eugenics, murder, abuse, torture, ABA, bullying)

Autistic people have been criticising the American non-profit organisation Autism Speaks for years, while they ignore us and actively try to silence us. 1,393 more words


What if?

What if you were told that the way you experience the world is wrong? What if you were told your body lies? What if everything you felt and experienced was challenged, tested, doubted, disbelieved? 806 more words