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Autism Speaks Housing Initiative

I have a son. A beautiful, smart, kind and severely autistic son. A boy who emits volumes with his eyes, but only a few unprompted words with his mouth. 675 more words


Merch Monday: Hamburger Scented White Castle Autism Speaks Candle

The hamburger scented White Castle Autism Speaks Candle is a great gift for your Craver friend who enjoys the smell of those delicious burgers. This candle will make your home smell like a White Castle. 203 more words


Control is perhaps the biggest reason I wish to remain anonymous. For as much as I was the most passive, easy-going child, happy to go along with anything, preferring to be a follower being led, I’m realizing how much control I need to have over everything. 933 more words


An Aspie On Injustice and Suffering

I need to write, but I don’t know what. There’s so much in me, I wish it would just come out. When I was first looking up Aspergers, I read how most people’s brain can be compared to a chalkboard that is written on and then erased to make space for new writing. 2,118 more words


Happy June Birthdays!


Robert Ramirez


Chanel Banez


Raluca Nicodim

Anna Sherbetchyan


Shellie Bader

Christy House


Ivan Gregorio

Melissa Drescher


Kevin Torrez

13… 49 more words

Fuck charities.

Hello, I’m here to ruin everything about what a Good Generous Person you are.

I hate charities. I never donate to the bake sales hosted by clubs. 1,459 more words


Autism Speaks Names Dr. Stephen Scherer Director of AUT10K

Toronto, Ontario (August 14, 2014) – Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, has named renowned Canadian geneticist Stephen Scherer, Ph.D., D.Sc., FRSC, as director of the Autism Speaks Ten Thousand Genomes Program (AUT10K), a collaborative to develop the world’s largest database of complete genomic information on individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their family members. 1,122 more words