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Urgh, the ARD

So, yeah, Friday was way too busy to even begin to deal with posting something. I’ve got lots of things I want to write about, but going through even a brief ARD meeting is a soul-draining experience. 253 more words



I am different, not less.

~Temple Grandin

One of Perry’s therapists, Jen, told me about this woman and the movie about her.  She is brilliant.  She revolutionized the cattle industry.  

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Possible trigger here.

I read this piece of news today. Mother kills disabled child. 18 years in prison. The comments on Facebook reflect widespread outrage. Many say she should’ve got a life sentence. 494 more words

Asperger's Syndrome


Bacon and egg sammich

Sunshine Hound

Belly Roast

Performing the unnatural as naturally as possible. That is the demand that neurotypicality places upon autistic existence. Little wonder that we would much rather be in a world of our own. 806 more words


We sure do have some stories, don't we?

Last month I wrote a post All the….small things, based on a conversation with a friend of mine that included snippets from an old website we used to run.  856 more words


Biomed Treatments

I have not really discussed in length the use of biomed therapies before, although I have touched on them in some of my posts. You may be wondering why I have not written about these therapies in full before, and the reason is because I know I am going to be accused of judging. 1,716 more words