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FINALLY, An Official Dx For The Lil Man

So this week has been pretty busy.  The lil man had his evals all week. Instead of one long stressful day of tests and docs, it was broken down into three days for the boy. 877 more words


Littlehampton Adventure Day 2

Today was a brilliant day, gosh I have never laughed so much before. It’s been one of those days that will stay will me for a long time and there’s one more day left. 298 more words


Middle School Transition Information

Hello soon-to-be parents of 5th graders! For reference, here are several useful handouts as you begin to generate questions about the transition to middle school. 116 more words

It Takes Guts to Cure Autism

Of course I am not talking about bravery or determination but a healthy digestive system.

As well as Autism, I also include ADHD, ADD and Asperger’s – these are all other manifestations of a Gut/Brain disorder. 1,252 more words



Sonny and I use public transport in London every time we see each other. Sometimes it’s a bus, sometimes a tube, or if we are feeling real fancy it’s a boat (we went on the Thames Clipper once). 614 more words


Happy #6

This boy….

Look how well he’s done this week at school.

All of the stickers.

And today he went into the assembly.

He asked to go to assembly. 12 more words


God built me

I like the way God built me.  

She says it like it’s the simplest thing.  The words fall easy, fluttering elegant, lighting on a twisty varicose vein that branches pen-thin across my thigh.   1,016 more words