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what falls through the cracks

Parenthood is a daunting call.  Parenting any child is both mentally and physically exhuasting.  And when you have more than one child new energy is poured into creating and maintaining a balancing act – giving attention as equally as possible to each of your children so that no one feels slighted or neglected. 789 more words


Autism and Body Mass Index

Last week we had my 11-year old son Jack’s check-up, and my stomach sank when the doctor quietly pointed out his higher-than-average body mass index on his chart. 1,469 more words


the moon

In the moonlight, her eyes sparkle. She never wears makeup, doesn’t really even prefer it, but she made a concession tonight, for dance. Just now, as we leave the building, a brisk wind lifts a few errant strands of hair away from her ears. 1,087 more words


A Shifting Sensory World

Everyone has senses. And most people have sensory issues of some kind, to some degree. Here is your mini primer on sensory processing: you already know about sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. 2,009 more words


Shifting Memories

I was so mad at you.

In going through some past photos, I came upon these photos of Marley’s orchestra concert.

Marley took summer orchestra this year.   1,598 more words


Little Boy Tadpoles

Communicating with a daughter who is deaf can be particularly challenging, especially because my signing skills are not at her level I have always said, however, that I have enough signs for her to understand what I am saying. 277 more words


Did you know.....

I started to write a blog post earlier which half way through I hit the delete button. It was following an article I read about just how lonely it can be being a special needs parent. 594 more words