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Are any of you wondering about Glenda–who she is, what she does, what she looks like, etc? Well, don’t! Like any good amanuensis, she exists solely to help me type up these blog posts. 46 more words

Throwback Thursday: Shakespeare and The Spanish Tragedy

I think it’s safe to say that readers of this blog are familiar with Shakespeare, but has anyone heard of Thomas Kyd? Thomas Kyd was a popular dramatist during the late 1500s, but later fell into obscurity in the 1700s. 322 more words


Mrs. Guyer and First Grade School Daze

“No breakfast, no school” was the rule at our house. On school days, Mom made pancakes and hard fried eggs. We glued them together with King Syrup. 1,005 more words

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It has been awhile since I've needed to wait for that big yellow bus in the morning...

Making Authorship An Integral Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Online marketing landscape has undergone drastic change over the last year and has forced marketers and businesses to reevaluate their content marketing strategies. Most businesses are implementing link building strategies . 8 more words

Two Recent Customer Reviews of "The Monument"

I’d like to thank all the readers who have contributed “customer reviews” of The Monument over at Amazon.com and to express my appreciation to the most recent reviewers.  510 more words


How to Kill a Designer

In a past post I wrote about the mysterious design genius of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and on BBC television recently was a documentary about another internet shaper – Aaron Swartz, who played major parts in developing RSS feed technology, Creative Commons implementation, and the social news website Reddit. 246 more words

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