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I was military so believe me...

This single line has caused more problems then it has ever cured. Uniforms and badges only mean one thing to free men…you follow orders well. There is a thin blue line, now stop allowing this thin blue line power, show them what happens when this thin blue line crosses over into ground it isnt wanted. 118 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

The fantasy that was Reagan: A Talent for Storytelling

(With a forward by Jesse M),

Reagan is among the most revered of the republican heroes. His insistent fantasies of enemies invented and necessary measures allowed more government growth during his presidency than any other president excepting perhaps Washington and Lincoln.

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Authored By Jesse Mathewson

Looking around I found a great site!

Recreational Vehicle traveling and living is wonderful. I personally would enjoy every minute. Anyone else want to buy a bus and start driving?


Authored By Jesse Mathewson

United States funded war on drugs includes beheadings and murder

Never believe that this violence is solely the fault of cartels, in almost every case of major inhuman action when locals are involved through history the USA and its “foreign/domestic” policy are the core issue. 267 more words


Situational Awareness: Part 2 – Micro & Macro SA | A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for grid-down

Situational awareness is something I go over and over during self defense classes. Unless you have a well trained unit or platoon of people, there are many ways to extend your periphereal and be more aware of your surroundings.

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Authored By Jesse Mathewson

A Fervent Cop Supporter Changes His Mind About NYPD After Gravity Knife Arrest | Village Voice

There is a reason I do not support police as a job role or necessary segment of society. While I would gladly support local township/county sheriffs who did not in any way accept or benefit from outside support and were beholden only to the locale in which they worked, I cannot see the benefit of state enforcers.

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Authored By Jesse Mathewson