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Sometimes our life takes an unexpected turn: Reviewing nothing

When I sat down to write this article I was originally going to address my choices for truck guns and why. What came out, however, was something far different than originally expected. 855 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

A review: Polish Radom P-64 surplus 9x18 makarov pistol

Every once and awhile something comes along that makes me very happy. This time around is the P-64 pistol. It is a pocket rocket with a kick, slightly more powerful than .380 acp and a little less than 9×19 the 9×18 round is a fun round to shoot. 737 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

Urban Prepping 101: Making ballistic gelatin for testing

Well this experiment was not nearly as easy as I originally thought it would be. After much cussing, lots of hot water cleaning and a refrigerator that looked like the creature from the black lagoon threw up in it; a block is currently cooling down. 918 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson

Food Babe book and blog claims: Beaver ass, coal tar, and yoga mat in your food.

I have two sisters and a brother who swear by this bullshit. One who has made a business of “helping” people become more healthy…unfortunately through bad information and the ever present terrible information being used to keep kids vaccine free it is likely this planet and especially supposedly first world nations will see a resurgence and already have seen minor resurgence in what used to be dead/dying diseases.

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Prepping 101: Self Defense Basics

This is a difficult topic as there are many ways to approach it. From a purely defensive side it is quite simple, train in that which allows you the best possible chance of survival in the long term with your family. 690 more words

Authored By Jesse Mathewson