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Will We Live Large?

We are not here to fit in. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange. James Hollis in What Matters Most.

Feeling alive came natural as a kid—a time when we live a life of learning, adventure and imagination as we explore and master our worlds. 390 more words


colour me true

Words…don’t inspire.

It’s the daring act of going deep into yourself-behind the façade and masks and whatever you use to distract yourself from pain- to retrieve your truth and soak your words with its unmistakably difficult hue that.. 103 more words

Personal Blues

Facebook Is Just a Place for Narcissists and Neurotics to Show Off

By Dainius Runkevičius

Everyone hates people who tend to seek attention and show off over-actively. However, I don’t understand why it’s well-tolerated on the Internet and why most of the people don’t realise that social networks, especially Facebook, have become just a place to create a fake self-image, please the ego and desperately seek attention. 91 more words


239. Impressing

I am just a photo, paragraph,
a passing pamphlet scrolling by,
a set of numbers to describe
all relevant qualities to new eyes;

I am just a person in disguise, 47 more words


Like many women (and men), I used to be afraid to call myself a feminist too. I entered the workforce in the early ’90s, and I had strong ideas about equality — but I was not a feminist…

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8 Lessons from my 8 Year old: Embrace your Youth

My kid is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and hilarity for me.  I adore having his perspective in my life.  These 8 little lessons are certainly not all I have taken from my time thus far with him, but they are lots of fun! 305 more words

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People watching

I am captivated by people. To call myself a people watcher barely makes the cut. If being in a crowd makes normal introverts uncomfortable, I’m glad I’m not a normal introvert. 570 more words

21 Years Old