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A Hundred Days to Happiness #46: What I Learn From My Dad

My dad has taught me the most about the art of living, and even though I think I’m grown up, he continues to teach me how to be a better father and how to be happy. 587 more words


This Little Piggy Went a Preachin'

A little story about a pig has wrecked me in a big way.

Never have I felt more understood than by this pig. Her story will preach. 369 more words


Healing Art

I have wondered if art has an effect on healing of minds, not just bodies.  Yesterday, I went to an art show where six artists of different disciplines were placed in dementia care settings and looked at the different arts they produced- ranging from poetry to paintings.   569 more words


New Meaning of T&A

T&A: Transparency & Authenticity

As I was sitting down to craft yet another Mailchimp campaign to blast out to all the local businesses in my network, I realized that nobody really cares what I have to sell, especially when I’m clogging up their already overflowing inboxes. 307 more words

Where are you?

I have been doing a lot of training lately. A component of the training is aimed at helping participants be more aware of where they are – literally -, of… 363 more words

Being Present

One Rule to Never Violate


Don’t violate it.  It is yours to honor and apply to your life, your conduct and your actions.

It fuels your energy, your actions and your interactions with others. 790 more words

Authentic Living

The Words

the words don’t ask us to fake it
and the words don’t ask us to make it
the words just ask us to open
to where we are, to what we are, to who we are… 159 more words