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The alarm clock rings. Not once, or twice, or thrice for that matter, but six times! Even then, I put it out and go back for a few minutes. 894 more words

Jay's Train Of Thought

Finding Confidence with Me Ra Koh

Everyone has a story I’ve learned. Some people are comfortable sharing their story with others, as if they were reading it from the pages of a book. 1,751 more words


My Dog is Smarter Than the Average Human

My dog and I have a few things in common.  We both hate to get in trouble and don’t like drama.  Neither of us can understand why everyone can’t get along and at least just leave each other alone and not fight about stuff.   931 more words


Staying Authentic, Always

My friend Melissa and I are going to be the keynote speakers at a benefit dinner on Sunday and our adrenaline is pumping! There are so many directions we could go with our talk, so many messages we want to portray. 248 more words

Nonprofit Chapin

How to Be Alone

First, you must befriend the urge to resist. Let the stillness of sound wash over you, your skin saturated by the timeless echo of slow moving minutes. 613 more words

Soul Food

Lord, I'm Ready Now

The lyrics of Lord, I’m Ready Now by Plumb speak to me. Seems I’m being prodded to deal with some emotions from the past that I have been avoiding. 182 more words