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Lasting leadership requires finding my authentic self... How did I start?

Leadership is like the metaphorical iceberg. What we actually see in a successful leader is only a fifth of what it really takes. The real work of being a leader occurs in the four fifths below the surface, internal work. 558 more words



It’s funny the things we remember from our childhood: TV shows, snacks and toys top the list of most kids. I remember distinctly on a Saturday morning, while preparing to attend music school, enjoying classics such as… 364 more words


A stranger pretending to be more?

I sent this quote to Allen this morning and received an email response back, he wondered what do I see when I look at him.  My response: 277 more words


Un-Cleave: The Sagacious Lens

When my father was dying I was a fifteen year old. A teenager. You probably know them. Such vulnerable, forming, sometimes frightful, angsty, but fascinating and beautiful creatures. 1,732 more words

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Time out of your comfort zone and what to do when it's all too much

I often marvel at how hugely, wonderfully different we all are – one person’s pleasure is another person’s pain, our likes and dislikes so extreme, and our personalities so distinct, and one area that I am particularly interested in is the introversion/extroversion scale. 650 more words


Being Authentically You > Kara Schallock

a message from Kara Schallock

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015  (posted 25 February, 2015)

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While it may seem as though nothing is occurring, so much really is! 1,667 more words

Stepping into yourself.. xx

I think everyone has their own motivation, whether you can muster the strength or desire for yourself or if it takes someone to inspire you out of your comfort zone. 292 more words