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~ At 2:57 PM:EDT at 28 degrees Aries, we celebrate a ‘New Moon and New Beginnings’ with Numero Uno. Opportunity opens up before each of us as the ‘Hot Aries Moon’ crashes into the ‘fixed, immovable Taurus’ energy. 268 more words


Forgiveness: What and How

What does forgiveness really mean?  It comes up in therapy a lot but the concept is so unclear for many of us. I have devoted hours pondering the meaning of this elusive concept. 75 more words


Trust vs Fear: the creative writer’s dilemma


I creep around, spying other’s glory

through shrouds of envy and spite.

I stress, I spew belligerent bile,

I despoil what feels my birthright. 101 more words


Are You Really the Master of Your Destiny?

After several months of ongoing battles trying to upload the entirety of my appearance on “The Barb Marshall Show,” I have decided to upload the part of the video that I’ve gotten to work: the last 10 minutes! 723 more words


Your True Self Will Always Hunt You.

We chase happiness as soon as we start to pretend to be somebody else in order to be loved. And then we just look around constantly and watch others how they act, speak, dress, make money and how they think, etc, etc..just lots of things. 134 more words



So I got a good dose of the truth last night, which I really had to work for.  I must say the universe/fate/god/whatever has been helpful at bringing the truth to light, as Allen has certainly not been forthcoming.  295 more words

Separation And Divorce

The Dating Game - Play Fair

The dating game can be just that, a game for many people and one with few clearly defined rules these days. In an age where people are so accessible through social media and people’s attention spans are constantly decreasing its hard to understand how two people can break through all of the noise and make a genuine connection. 660 more words