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Yep, I did.

As I woke this morning happy as a lark, it occurred to me: I generally share the darker side of myself on this blog. So, I decided to post about feeling happy. 722 more words

Authentic Self

Vivienne Westwood on becoming an activist.

At Glastonbury Festival 2014, Vivienne Westwood presented a talk titled ‘Let’s Talk About Fracking’ in which she discussed the danger of fracking and the importance of becoming an activist.  632 more words

Creative Industries

I feel judged, and I hate it.

Writing makes me happy.  I’ve loved the feedback that I’ve gotten so far, and I hope to really continue writing here.  When tossing around the idea of this particular blog, I knew that I wanted to make it the most honest and open that I’ve ever been in a public forum.   523 more words

Release the Kraken!

My book “see my book” and this blog are all about finding and expressing your authentic self.   Well…..we may be, at this very moment, reaping that whirlwind.  1,127 more words

Self Authenticity


“We” peeled away the arrogance and fear,

Enabled me to clean away the torments of the past,

And walk into the present moment.

“We” loved me until I learned to love myself, 43 more words


Lehigh Valley Vanguard LIVE ON AIR: Episode SEVEN

In this episode, we had a special guest from Chicago, Joe DiCola. My co-host and friend, Mark Blasini, and I had a great time going back and forth with Joe discussing his articles, but also writing and style in general. 61 more words

Daily Meditation

Today I will express my authentic self. I choose not to hide behind a false mask.

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