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Desires: Ego vs. Soul

I’ve learned how to distinguish who is running the show when it comes to pursuing a passion.  Ego pursuits and soul pursuits often begin in much the same way with the initial spark of inspiration and excitement.  425 more words

DE Philosophy

True Insight- In Being Me

A Message for all Introverted Butterflies,

This post is more for me, as a way of remembering this realization for the future. Looking back on who I’ve become and those who have come through my journey thus far. 272 more words

Helpful Insights

Be Your Authentic Self

Many of us are often faced with an affliction, an emptiness inside our heart. Like there is a hole that cannot seem to be filled. So we spend our lives searching for things to make us feel complete. 316 more words


Note to Self

Our life experiences, the life lessons we’ve  learned, and our unique gifts all combined, give us the opportunity to walk into the future with unlimited potential to grow into our own success. 195 more words


Woman on Wire

On April 9th, 2015, I gave my second performance titled “A Third Place.”  For some time now, I’ve debated how to describe and document this piece on this blog.  872 more words


On Being Seen

Choking back my tears , she caressed my face and said, “promise me you’ll find someone who sees you and let him see the person I see.” 788 more words

Moving On