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Myths of Sovereignty and British Isolation, VIII. Germany's post WWII contribution to market liberalism

World War Two was largely won by the United States and the British Empire in alliance with the USSR. The idea of Britain’s place in the world being defined by its relationship with the US, a relationship in which the US is inevitably the leading partner, and is a very popular – even defining – idea for the predominant brand of… 1,073 more words


$2300 gold in 3 years - Incrementum

In gold we still trust! – Incrementum’s 140 page positive gold analysis

Ronni Stoeferle and Mark Valek of Liechtenstein-based asset management company Incrementum AG’s hugely comprehensive annual treatise on gold and all the factors driving the gold market has just been released.  507 more words

Independent Analyis

A partial response to Snowden’s Precis: Are the Rich Getting Richer?

Christopher Snowden has written an interesting article about poverty and prosperity in the United Kingdom.[1] (The article is in the Institute of Economic Affairs Magazine… 3,386 more words


The Great Deformation

This book is absolutely, positively essential for anyone who’s even remotely interested in economics, finance or American history.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is one of the most important political and economic books ever written.  1,777 more words


The Perversion of Monetarism

The monetarist school of thought has evolved within this last century and a half from holding “right-wing” Jacobin-styled (neocon/Knightian) egalitarian goals, to then pursing libertarian means, and has since been perverted… 1,374 more words



In Austrian Economic Perspectives on Individualism and Society: Moving Beyond Methodological Individualism

In this chapter our aim is to rescue the meaning of liberty from the ministrations of its misguided friends and explore how it relates to human nature, culture, and economic order.

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A Few Reasons I Am Also Not An Anarchist

Apparently this post by Austin Petersen at The Libertarian Republic angered a lot of anarchists – though to be fair, that isn’t very hard to do. 478 more words