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Will Iceland's Sovereign Money Proposal End Economic Crises?

A recent proposal out of Iceland has been making the waves around economics blogosphere. In it, Frosti Sigurjonsson critiques the current fractional-reserve banking system and proposes instead a system he calls “Sovereign Money”. 2,028 more words


Skyscrapers in the business cycle

The world is in the middle of a skyscraper boom. Does this augur badly for the world economy? econ.st/1MgAQrF http://t.co/V96FedP97b
The Economist (@EconEconomics) March 29, 2015


Broken clock? Or superior explanation?

The Austrian school of economics and its proponents were among the few commentators who successfully called the Global Financial Crisis of 07/08, with prominent examples being Ron Paul and Peter Schiff. 454 more words


Milton Friedman's plucking model of the business cycle

Friedman (1993) proposed a model of the depth of recessions and steepness of recoveries built on two empirical regularities:

  1. output is on average below a ceiling defined by supply capacity and tends back to this ceiling; and…
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Why Are Corporations Hoarding all that Cash?

One of the ongoing puzzles of this joyless recovery (to give it the benefit of the doubt) has been the huge accumulation of cash by corporations. 1,534 more words

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