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Landry's "Gunna-Do" Rhetoric Harms Capricornia

Michelle Landry must think the more she repeats something people will believe it to be true.  Landry praises herself for whatever work she thinks she is doing in Capricornia for the past 18 months and slams Labor’s record (again TMB 02/07/2015). 487 more words

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An Open Letter To Eric Abetz

The debate here is over. 72% of Australian’s support marriage equality.  That is an overwhelming majority. Australia doesn’t need another debate on marriage equality, we don’t need more Q and A discussions, we don’t need more opinion pieces in newspapers, we don’t even need a conversation anymore, what we need is change. 244 more words

Abbott Govt determined to Fight Equality

Any lingering suspicion that the Federal Liberal party had dispensed with its archaic ideology of the past has been dispelled within the past 24 hours with arch-conservative and resident nutjob Eric Abetz taking to the media to slam America’s recent decision to legislate in favour of marriage equality. 383 more words

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Treasury Papers Reveal Abbott Government’s Hypocrisy Over Superannuation Tax Concessions

The Treasury’s has revealsed the Abbott Government’s hypocrisy over superannuation tax concessions by confirming it was considering reforms. The information was obtained by means of a Freedom of Information request. 269 more words

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Just get a Good Job?

“The starting point for a first home buyer is to get a good job that pays good money” Joe Hockey
Thats pretty fucking funny.

A nurse does a good job. 191 more words

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Constitutional Denial: Palmer Rant Shows Need For Senate Reform

A RANT by Clive Palmer against reforms to how the Senate is elected merely underlines the need for reform to occur; as the instigator of a party that directly benefited from current unacceptable Senate election mechanisms, Palmer has a vested interest in preserving the status quo: if, of course, his motives aren’t simply to cause trouble. 1,403 more words

Detention Centre Medical Staff refuse to be Silenced by Abbott's Border Force Bill

More than 40 current and former workers at Australia’s detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island have today challenged Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to prosecute them under controversial new secrecy laws for speaking out over human rights abuses. 537 more words

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