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Photography - Australia and some of our eight legged friends.

This one was in the toilet directly above my head and was at least ten inches across from leg to leg. Fortunately it retained its grip and did not fall. 48 more words


BP keeping Great Australian Bight oil-leak study a secret

April 19th, 2015. OIL giant BP is modelling for an 805-tonne oil leak that would last 35 days and poison 100km of coastline if it reached shore, as part of its proposed Great Australian Bight drilling program. 603 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

Photography - Australia - Cairns the wonder of rainforest trees and abstract art of bark.

I love the colour and abstract shapes in bark. Amazing. They are as good as any artist can imagine.


Poem #19

“part 3/3 – her love will be…”

her love will be everything : her love will be balm : her love will be poured out on the earth : her love will be a freight train : her love will be a wind : her love will be good enough : her love will be a miracle : her love will be eternal : her love will be unconditional : her love will be dangerous : her love will be offered : her love will be like no other love i’ve known : her love will be a river : her love will be : her love will be mine :

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge-15-Wk-16


Odd Ball

Week 16


I have been trying to work in this post for a few weeks now.  

It is an odd sort of subject…so what better than the Odd Ball challenge. 355 more words


Photography - Fish from the Great Barrier Reef - the colours were awesome.

The fish were amazing/. The photos do not do them justice. I took them through the glass bottom of a boat. The colours are subdued and the images softened. 16 more words


El animal más molón del mundo

Australia es uno de esos países donde el hombre blanco aún no ha tenido tiempo de subyugar a la madre naturaleza. Por eso, plantas y bichos salvajes muy locos aún campan por este enorme continente. 345 more words