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UOW Lost Children Event Graphic

I felt it was important to clearly communicate the intentions of the event and how we expect audiences to participate. I created this graphic using the free design website ‘Canva’, which is super easy and fun to use. 13 more words


Tony Abbott Appoints John Key As Minister For Women

In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has decided to appoint his New Zealand counterpart John Key as the new minister for women.

Mr Abbott said after watching John Key’s expert and tactical handling of the NZ ponytail affair, he was the perfect man for the post, which until now had been held by the PM himself. 159 more words

The UnAustralian

Why you won't be seeing me at the Dawn Service

I don’t like war, I’m no fan of militarism. That doesn’t mean I don’t commemorate it’s victims. I’ll march in peace marches, and I’ve no problem paying my taxes to have a defence force. 341 more words


RET Watch: Target a matter of urgency

The Renewable Energy Target is the central plank of national renewable energy policy. The successful scheme is driving the transformation of Australia’s energy sector while creating jobs and investment. 400 more words

Renewable Energy Target

Off The Record Conversation Really Boring

Paul Winton, a 33-year-old journalist from Hornsby, felt profoundly let down on Wednesday after receiving an off the record briefing so boring that not even… 175 more words

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Voices from regional Vic: Wind farms bring many benefits

The Weekly Times reports there are “854 wind turbines worth $5 billion ready to be built in Victoria.” And voices from regional Victoria want those projects built to create jobs and investment in rural communities, and drought-proof income for farmers. 350 more words

Wind Farm Benefits

Wind Inquiry: Family First senator's wind energy rhetoric out of step with medical experts

Family First Senator Bob Day has strayed beyond his area of expertise by lending weight to unsubstantiated claims wind energy is linked to adverse health impacts. 383 more words

Anti-wind Farm Campaigning