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For ‘time wasted’: capitalist invoices Socialist Alternative

Preparing for the rally, Harley McKay had almost run out of paint to write his catchy 20-word-slogan sign, before he resourcefully pricked his finger and finished it using the Blood of the Proletariat. 537 more words


Ozzie Ostrich And Humphrey B Bear To Help Ray Martin Investigate Q&A

The federal government has today announced that Ozzie Ostrich and Humphrey B Bear will join Ray Martin to investigate the ABC’s Q&A program. The investigation follows… 160 more words

The UnAustralian

An Open Letter To Eric Abetz

The debate here is over. 72% of Australian’s support marriage equality.  That is an overwhelming majority. Australia doesn’t need another debate on marriage equality, we don’t need more Q and A discussions, we don’t need more opinion pieces in newspapers, we don’t even need a conversation anymore, what we need is change. 244 more words

Million Moron March Planned for July 18th and 19th

Plans are afoot to hold a nationwide million moron march in all capital cities on the weekend of July 18th and 19th. The million moron march is the brainchild of noted morons Reclaim Australia. 195 more words

The UnAustralian

The Mardi Gras

This year I attended the Mardi Gras in Sydney for the first time. I was even on a float, though groans cry out when I reveal that it was the Liberal Party float.  267 more words


It's all Greek to me...

So this week Greece is holding a referendum – letting its people decide whether or not to stay in the Eurozone. There are predictions of what might or might not happen but not huge amount of analysis as to how it happened. 384 more words


CULTURE: Not Quite Satire, Not Just News

One wonders if Jon Stewart regrets training the proteges that have equaled and rivaled him. Of course, they have neither the longevity nor the cultural foothold that the… 861 more words