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Delving "Into the Darkness" with #TCM #NoirSummer

It’s a bitter little world and I want all in!

Double-dealing dames, amoral cops, cynical, hard-hearted heroes all set against dark and dreary backdrops.  That is the world of film noir and… 663 more words

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EXCITING UPDATE! Flicker Alley is sponsoring the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon!

Since we published the announcement for the upcoming Classic Movie History Project Blogathon the enthusiasm and response have been extraordinary!  I expect it’ll get even more so now that… 1,921 more words

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According to “Superman on Earth” the premiere episode of The Adventures of Superman Television series it was on the 10th day of April that a small craft crashed onto the Earth in Smallville, Kansas.    1,420 more words

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Peter Cushing, a birthday tribute

This humble tribute to the great Peter Cushing was published on Citizen Screenings in celebration of his centennial two years ago.  Since I am making a slow transition away from that blog I am reposting it here on what would have been Cushing’s 102nd. 782 more words

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Goodbye Mad Men

Social media and water coolers alike have been a buzz since the series final episode of “MAD MEN” aired. Some have wondered just why the series became such an intensely popular phenomenon. 1,709 more words

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Announcement: The Classic Movie History Project (2015)

I thank you so much for your interest in this historical blogging event!  Be aware that new and exciting additions have been made to this event.   1,527 more words

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My Favorite Classic Movie: Chaplin's CITY LIGHTS (1931)

A few days ago I was looking for a bottle of wine to take to a friend’s house and it caught my eye as I turned into the aisle where the pinot noir sit ripe for the picking.   953 more words

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