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Resources and References


  • Four images of destinations
  • Workbooks/Pencils/Pens
  • A3/Poster paper
  • Crayons, newspapers, magazines, textas
  • IWB with Aurasma video
  • iPads, iPad chargers, Aurasma application
  • Wi-Fi/Data connectivity
  • Stopwatch
  • Props for advertisement …
  • 411 more words
Augmented Reality

I wanna go to...I wanna go too! (Lesson Four)

Lesson 4: Advertisements & Reflection

Step 1: Students are to split into the same four groups that they were in from the previous lesson. Each group will finish their ideas for a 20-25 second video advertisement* on their chosen photo. 274 more words

Augmented Reality

I wanna go to...I wanna go too! (Lesson Three)

Lesson 3: Aurasma & Planning

Step 1: Introduce students to the Aurasma* application, using an iPad (students will pair-up or be put into groups if there are not enough iPads for each student). 404 more words

Augmented Reality

I wanna go to...I wanna go too! (Lesson Two)

Lesson 2: Posters

Step 1: Split students evenly into 4 groups. Allocate each group with one of the photo destinations from the previous lesson.

Step 2: Provide an example of a travel advertisement poster to the class. 175 more words

Augmented Reality

Thing 28: Emerging Tech

As I was scanning the various articles, I noticed a pattern of student-centered learning processes: authentic learning, project based learning, and deeper thinking; all of these processes require changing how we teach students and our expectations for their learning outcomes. 552 more words

Augmented Reality Gallery

A little over a year ago I went to EdCamp Madison, and thank goodness I used the power of the feet. During the 2nd hour of sessions I attended 3 sessions that weren’t what I wanted or needed. 845 more words

Marian Catholic

Bringing a Class Photo to Life with Augmented Reality

During casual conversation with a colleague, Mrs Heroux, it was brought up that one of their students was leaving mid-year because the family was moving to another part of the country.   460 more words