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St Augusitne's Notes on Psalm 22

Text in red are my notations.

1. “To the end,” for His own resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself speaketh.   For in the morning on the first day of the week was His resurrection, whereby He was taken up, into eternal life See Jn 20:1-17), “Over whom death shall have no more dominion.”(Rom 6:9).   2,191 more words


Sapientia Aegypti

Sapientia Aegypti

“Yet it must be confessed that before Moses there had already been, not indeed among the Greeks, but among barbarous nations, as in Egypt, some doctrine which might be called wisdom, else it would not have been written in the Holy Books that Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” 117 more words

St Augustine's Notes on Psalm 51

This post has only been partially edited (i.e., the scripture citations added).

1. Neither must this multitude’s throng be defrauded, nor their infirmity burthened. Silence we ask, and quiet, in order that our voice, after yesterday’s labour, be able with some little vigour to last out. 7,126 more words


Riding the "Wind"...

If you have been set free why do you continue to function as though captive? It is because you cannot believe you are truly free and you make both provision and allowances for the constant barrages of reminders and stratagems of why you are not.  729 more words

spiritual discipline redux – a Lenten reflection

I view spiritual discipline positively (March 7 blog post: spiritual discipline – a Lenten reflection). Very. I cherish the rewards of deepening knowledge of self, others, and God. 388 more words


Day 17– March 9

Mark in Forty Days

This year I am reading through the Gospel of Mark during the forty days of Lent. My suggested plan is that you do these readings in… 82 more words


Asexuality and the Church

Some time ago when I was still a conservotrad Catholic, I read Raymond Arroyo’s fawning biography of Mother Angelica (which I would actually recommend if you want to understand the history of the culture war divisions within the Catholic church in America) and came a curious passage in which she said that she basically considered herself to be asexual and had never had much interest in the opposite sex. 1,036 more words