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Fated Ascent

What is it?

Fated Ascent is a app for your phone or tablet. It allows you to leave your mark in a whole new way. It was displayed at STRP Biennial and i was told that when backpackers travel they leave a rock at certain points to show that they have been there. 305 more words


Z e i t g e i s t Enchanted #singularity #transhumanism #zeitgeist

Z e i t g e i s t Enchanted

I whispered precipice towards the singularity
I felt the intangible change in humanity
Drones, predictive analytics, cyber-warfare… 158 more words


Mini Cooper's Augmented Reality Goggles - What Are the Use Cases in the Military?

If you have not yet heard of the new goggles being developed by Mini Cooper please check out this short clip from C/NET.

There is probably only a small group of Mini enthusiast that will want to take these goggles on. 185 more words

Disruptive Technology

Mini Produce New Augmented Reality Glasses

Car manufacturer Mini has produced a set of augmented reality glasses which will give the user a HUD (Head Up Display)! They will be able to provide an overlay of information into the users line of sight without actually distracting them from the road. 555 more words


On the News. Magazine "EducaciĆ³n 3.0". POSTERS ANIMADOS CON RA.

We are famous again. One of our class projects appears on the “EducaciĆ³n 3.0″ magazine. This is a national magazine about education and technology. This article describes the experience we did during the first term about the “Human Body and body systems with Augmented Reality”. 59 more words