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Artırılmış gerçeklik, gerçek dünyadaki çevrenin ve içindekilerin bilgisayar tarafından üretilen ses, görüntü, grafik ve GPS verileriyle zenginleştirilerek meydana getirilen canlı, doğrudan veya dolaylı fiziksel görünümüdür. 183 more words


We're Seriously Underestimating the Virtual-Reality Market

Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to become explosive growth markets. Within the last few years, we’ve seen a range of exciting prototypes, and significant investment from tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Google. 1,005 more words


How Google Could Save Glass: Ditch the Camera

There are “no sacred cows” to avoid when Google begins retooling its Glass wearable device, Google executive Tony Fadell reportedly said a few days ago… 514 more words


Problems with low-friction AR

Ok. I’ve had a bit of feedback from folks. The issues seem to be:

  • audio doesn’t always load
  • locations don’t always trigger

Those are two big issues. 212 more words

Augmented Reality

Video Games and Screen as a Membrane

Video games have rapidly grown over the past two decades to become one of the biggest storytelling platforms in the world. From humble beginnings with the introduction of arcade gaming developed by Atari in the early 1970’s before the redevelopment into console (Dreamcast, Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64) and computer based gaming in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 762 more words


#Mosomelt Week 11 “Mobile Augmented Reality”

This week we are exploring the potential of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) – for example Wikitude, or Junaio, download either of these AR Apps to your mobile device, explore some AR content, then create and share a mobile AR project description to the Project Bank for feedback. 317 more words


On haunts & low-friction AR - thinking out loud

The frightening news is that we are living in a story. The reassuring part is that it’s a story we’re writing ourselves. Alas, though, most of us don’t even know it – or are afraid to accept it.

870 more words