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Sakuma san Inspired Building Philosophy

Out fishing on Lake of the Woods… our mini vacation brought thoughts of how our designs come to be.

I can best explain from a direct quote from Mr. 183 more words


If It Sounds Good...

(From a post I just added to Paul McGowan’s blog at PSAudio.com


Paul has great daily posts to read and PSAudio some infamous awesome hi-res products — subscribe there!) 256 more words


A Break from the Story and a ? to ask

So I’ve been contemplating writing for a living, how it’s done, how to get into it painlessly and how to avoid the inevitable feelings you get when your work is dismissed as “not worthy of publication”, whatever that means.. 292 more words

Beats Mixr - by Dr. Dre and David Guetta

Thời gian đầu khi mình tới Nhật là thời gian phát cuồng với em này. Thực ra không hề chủ ý mua em ấy, định bụng mua em Studio cơ nhưng vì… lớp sơn khó coi quá, không hợp gu thẩm mỹ nên thôi chuyển luôn sang em này. 798 more words


The New Way of Listening to Music

Changes in HRA approaches to playing music have been so enormous in the past 18 months linked historically to Gus Skinas’ work with Acoustic Sounds… 240 more words


Haiku - (3/24/2015)

The sound of crickets!

How lonely silence can seem,

Without that chirp, chirp!


Review - Sony MDR-Z7 Headphones

Review- Sony MDR-Z7 Headphones; The Sony MDR-Z7 headphones are the current 2014-2015 flagship headphone for the Japanese giant. Part of a recent audiophile push by the consumer company, it marks a return to high end audio after a long hiatus. 1,827 more words