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Articulated Accuracy vs. Brute Force Monster (Flea VS. Elephant)

Although a flea-power amplifier puts out only a small amount of power, it can prove more compelling than a big elephant powered amplifier.

A flea-powered amplifier can often accomplish more than a lumbering brute of a power amplifier can ever hope to match… more accurate and refined. 40 more words


Retain Musical Excellence Without Making Your Utility Company Rich

While most of the industry is expending effort on developing monster amplifiers that consume huge amounts of energy to drive inefficient loudspeakers, we at Handel Audio are taking a different approach… developing highly refined and efficient amplifiers that drive efficient speakers. 90 more words


Great Amplifiers Need Not Be Expensive

We build our amps with care and precision, with carefully chosen components to keep the prices below strataspheric levels.

Now, if you want that last 1%, we will certainly build it for you. 127 more words


DSP 01: Real, Legit Audiophile Goodness

About six months ago, we saw ’s work on the DSP 01, a 2-input, 6-output DSP and crossover for extreme audiophiles, and we’re not talking about oxygen free rooms here. 222 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Morning Thoughts

Do you ever have those days where you just want to stay in bed?

Turn off the alarm, relax, reset, and put that record on instead. 38 more words


Music is a great art form isn’t it? Here are some of my picks at the moment.