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What To Do When You Call Your Partner By The Wrong Name [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Have you called your boyfriend or girlfriend by the wrong name in the heat of the moment? Apparently our listeners have! Listen to the audio players to hear them share times they’ve called someone the wrong name and how they got out of it! 150 more words

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What Chris Brown Blamed His Bad Behavior On [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

After beefing with Tyson Beckford for no reason at all, Chris Brown took to Twitter to apologize. According to Gary With Da Tea, he tweeted an explanation for why he’s always in his feelings. 149 more words

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Gary With Da Tea Gives Special K Fashion Advice! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Gary With Da Tea and Special K are at it again! Listen to the audio player to hear what Gary had to say about Special K’s outfit and the fashion advice he offered! 118 more words

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How To Recover The Healthy Way After Vacation [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

We ate and drank our little hearts out in Punta Cana, but now we’re back to reality. It’s hard to get back on track after vacation, but  140 more words

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Would Nicki Minaj Rather Be With Safaree Than Meek Mill? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Meek Mill pretty much confirmed he is in a relationship with Nicki Minaj, but does Nicki still have feeling for Safaree Samuels? They were together for 12 years! 155 more words

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Should Women Who Have Babies By Rich Men Have To Work? [POLL + EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Our conversation about Chris Brown‘s child support dilemma raised the question: should women who have kids by rich men have to work? Listen to the audio player to hear what we said. 152 more words

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Half Mile Home "More Than Enuff" [NEW MUSIC]

Check out Half Mile Home‘s inspiring new song, “More Than Enuff!” With its infectious melody and beautiful message, it’s sure to brighten your spirits. 123 more words