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Keep On Keepin' On

I initially started this blog as a project. It was supposed to be a place for me to write about a journalist for a school course and even though I have a grand total of two posts and after this one it will be three, this is something I want to continue. 154 more words


Context, Social Movements, & Racism

Goal: To demonstrate the presence of “edgy” or controversial media from a ethnic/racial standpoint.

Time: 75 minutes


1) Preface the class with a discussion of marginalized groups. 163 more words

Unit 2

Gymnastics Content That Scores a Perfect 10

As mom to a high-level, competitive gymnast, I often feel like the sport is as much mine as it is hers.  You won’t find me on a balance beam anytime soon, but the sheer will and dedication that it takes to be a great gymnast has a way of sucking you in.  497 more words


Data-driven audience targeting expands to drone tests in LA (interesting & disturbing)

“Experimenting With Drones For Data Collection.” This is the sort of headline that could set off alarm bells in the minds of privacy proponents worried about the potential limits and freedoms of drones for eavesdropping, but that indeed was the headline earlier this month on the AdNear Blog. 448 more words

Tech News

Professional Practice Promotional Poster

In our group we have decided we will each make a poster/ flyer to promote our event. We thought as long as we all included our group’s logo it would keep them clearly linked. 77 more words

Professional Practice

Balancing Act: Growing Followers & Quality Content

The desire for followers is almost universal. In this digital age, a person’s Twitter followers measures success as much as their resume. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because it shows clout, reach, and popularity. 863 more words

Social Networking

The Audience

‘If everyone praises your production, almost certainly it is rubbish. If everyone abuses it,

then perhaps there is something in it. But if some praise and others abuse, 18 more words