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Auckland.  1.5 million people, 2 harbors, and 53 volcanos.  The locals all assure me that this is the most boring city in all New Zealand.  Apparently, “boring” is kiwi for “impossible to find anything wrong with it.”  The whole place is safe and beautiful. 83 more words

What Did I Do to My Hair?

Well, I braided it in the first instance and now, it’s crochet braided by my new friend Rina from the Caribbean Community. Shout out to Serina! 12 more words


My New Space

Getting used to just a room again happened faster than I thought. One of my friend seeing it from Skype likened my room to a jail cell. 69 more words


I Found A Bible Study Group. Yea!

This was by far the most challenging feat. I have however found an intimate Bible study group through the Christian Club and the ladies are great. 89 more words


Shopping...or Maybe Later

I am a girl who loves clothes and shoes just like any other girl, but unless it’s a necessity or a great sale, I have had to look the other way. 69 more words


At the Movies (Insurgent )

I was determined to learn the bus routes so I could find my way around. I wanted to see the Divergent Series : Insurgent as an avid moviegoer and a fan of the novels. 307 more words

Jamaican Girl

First Year Residents' Dinner @ Grafton Hall

Yesterday was the first-year residents’ dinner –The first dress-up a lil’ event for me. It was pretty good with students entertainment and the works. We have some talented students here for real. 48 more words