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BigBlueTheory Late Afternoon Update

Sorry for the late update, but I had to make that paper, booboo. I was checking up on the crazy news around the world and marijuana seems to be a hot… 205 more words

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Your Kentucky-Georgia Officials Are...

Kentucky is 34-12 including three wins this year. He was there for Aaron Harrison’s miracle shot against Wisconsin, but he called a tech on Willie against Mississippi State last year. 244 more words

Kentucky Wildcats

Aubrey Plaza gives the best gifts; even if it is her blood and hair?

If you thought Aubrey Plaza was weird on Parks and Recreation just wait until you see what she gave as a gift.


Kentucky-Georgia Vegas Predictions Pt. 2

Good afternoon, BBN! The game tips off in about four hours. I’m pressed for time so let’s get right to it:

Kentucky Wildcats

Wake Up, BBN! It's Game Day! Let's Go For 30!

Good morning, BBN! We have our last road game of the season tonight. It’s time to try and continue the run of dominance unseen by a power conference team in 40 years. 403 more words

Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky-Georgia Point Spread Breakdown Pt. 2

Good afternoon, BBN! The point spread came out earlier today and it has bounced around. It has gone from -10.5 to -9.5 to -9.0 to -10.0. 279 more words

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