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My favorite part of The Voice

It’s at about minute 1:20. Sixteen-year-old Jacquie Lee’s time is almost up and none of the super star judges have activated the switch to turn their chair around, signaling approval of Ms. 503 more words


Is Sex Fair?

The first time I pondered this question was with my group of 6th grade girl classmates who had just been shown ‘the period movie’ without the boys. 851 more words


Lap Dance - Part 5

I bathed and dressed in a summer dress with no panties and bra, because why bother in this house of sex?

I decide I need to find out what Josh got me into. 531 more words


Day/Jour 13

Going to Miyajimaaaa! Or how to spend most of the time on transportation otz Since the JRpass was still valid, we decided to go see Miyajima and its torii. 1,172 more words



I met someone tonight at my friend’s party.

I didn’t go there expecting to meet anyone, so it was quite a surprise.

We hit it off pretty well. 246 more words

(PUA) A message about "manipulation"

I understand. Some people might think that if a guy goes to learn skills on how to attract women, it seems very manipulative and untruthful. They get labelled as try hard or losers. 576 more words


The Fancy Room

I’m doom.

In a  fancy  room.

With blades in both hands.

The sword of Pain and the sword of Death.

Both double edged.

Can you count the total? 74 more words