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Presenting an Effective Relocation Case By Jeff Weissman, Attorney, Gladstone & Weissman

Most people want the flexibility to move from one city to another, or even relocate to a different part of the world. Parents usually find that a relocation request proves most effective if they prepare their case with the help of an attorney knowledgeable in family law. 151 more words

Jeff Weissman

American Lawyers 100 Law Firms

Working at one of the best law firms is always on the top of any new lawyer’s list of things to do. But it can often be a hard choice to find the best one out of all of your options. 209 more words

Daniel Chammas

Help from Los Angeles Attorney When your New Car Purchase Turns Sour

Did your car purchase leave you with a sour taste in your mouth when you realized that your car is spending more time in repair shops than on the road? 115 more words


Raleigh DWI Attorney Talks About Implied Consent in North Carolina

In North Carolina, if you’re driving then if charged with certain offenses you’ve given the state your “implied consent” to submit to a chemical test to check for the presence of alcohol in your system. 66 more words

NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney Says Delayed ER Care Victims Can Sue

“ProPublica’s ER Wait Watcher gathers data on treatment times of hospitals around the U.S. As of January, 2015, New York ranks fifth in average time a patient spends waiting in the ER at 33 minutes. 89 more words

Attorney John Eluwa Invited as Guest Speaker on WSHA 88.9 FM, Shaw University Radio


“Give Me Liberty, Give Me Law” Program Series Host Stephen Celestini Speaks with Attorney Eluwa

RALEIGH, NC (7.2.2015) – Attorney John Eluwa of the Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC., ( 299 more words

Device Seizure Tips for Attorneys & Legal Staff

July 2, 2015

Digital Seizure Tips for Attorneys & Legal Staff

As a private digital forensic practitioner, our clients come from several different areas. Pro Digital markets our services to private investigators, information security professionals, human resource practitioners and our biggest segment of clientele, attorneys involved in litigation practice, both civil and criminal. 1,165 more words

Digital Forensics