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Narcissistic Leaders and Me

Narcissistic Leaders and Me

Wikepedia defines a

“Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a Cluster B personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, … 1,284 more words



I discovered yesterday quite by accident that my life has been divided into two parts:

  • BTM
  • ATM

I told you that my son helped me choose a new computer. 383 more words


Geezer challenges

This is my new ‘mouse.’ I use it with my new Imac. I’ve had to learn a whole lot of new motions in order to move my cursor around, choose things, delete things, move things, etc. 246 more words


Don't Major In Minor Things

Have you ever find yourself majoring in minor things? The thought flashes across my mind on my commute from work and immediately I start thinking to myself, what is it that I need to prioritize. 384 more words



“You like living in chaos,” I was informed recently.

“I do not!” I replied immediately (and indignantly).” I like routines and structure. For some things. Sometimes. 602 more words


Later today, hopefully

This is the perfect morning to enjoy by going back to bed.

It’s 54 degrees, dark and gloomy looking. It’s probably going to rain soon. It makes me want to curl up under an afghan and zone out. 40 more words