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My first child (or at least Toddler) free night.

My mom had offered to take Aubrey for a night so that I could get some REAL sleep this weekend and because I was feeling a little more than worn out, I said okay. 702 more words

Reblog It #6: Spotlight On -- Kate Surfs A Natural Parenting Blog

I have decided to do up to two blog features a week.

Next, I am sharing the very first blog I followed on WordPress. There are just some people that you swear were relatives in another life, and Kate of katesurfs.com is one of those people.

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Reflections on the Lake

There are a few seconds after the initial invigorating plunge into the cool water when I notice that the water around me is dark. I have no idea whether the bottom is inches or metres below my feet. 509 more words

Life Journey

Not Guilty

We are home now and the trial is over.  Unfathomably, the jury acquitted the man who sexually abused Mayiah for two years (from the ages of 4-6).  3,246 more words

Out Like a Lion

She came out like a lion March 1st, two years ago.

She made everything bigger and louder and better and I am certain it takes the love of all three of us to equal the love from her.   188 more words

Kids on a plane.

^^Photos from my husband’s Instagram.

Much like writing your birth story and (over)sharing in excruciating detail how you wash your nappies, a post about flying with your kids for the first time is a rite of passage for any bonafide parenting blogger. 964 more words


The Crunchy Trail : Mile 1- Step 1

Our first mile is going to be the most challenging for many, require the most changes, and take the largest amount of effort and concentration.  This is a VERY steep part of the trail so we are going to take small steps and rest often.  1,842 more words

Herbal Meds