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How long have you been nursing? My daughter, Natalie, nursed for 2 years. I took a 5 month break during pregnancy, and I’ve been nursing Alex for 4 weeks now.  630 more words

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I want to write something about “attachment”. Not “attachment parenting” but attachment. Attachment parenting writers have done a lot to terrify parents around crying, or “making a child sad/anxious/cry”. 399 more words


10 Ways to Use a Muslin Baby Cloth

Muslin cloths are great. They are so versatile and my favourite things are that they easy to wash, they wash well and are really quick to dry – essential for using with little ones! 458 more words

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PinkNova ~ Cherry Chapstick Kiss Review

                     When’s the last time you’ve been kissed all over? Kay, never mind. Don’t answer that. With sweet kisses in mind, I’d like to introduce to you Pink Nova’s Cherry Chapstick Kiss. 419 more words

Attachment Parenting

8 or 9 on the clingy scale

I’ve never applied our theory about matching couples to parenting, until now.

Hubster and I have this theory that everyone has a number on a scale of 1 – 10 they are happy to give of themselves in a relationship. 595 more words


The Big Decision: The tough choices we make as mothers

The toughest decision most of us have to make after our babies are born is whether or not to go back to work. The “having it all” myth has thankfully been debunked. 3,763 more words


Dubai and Istanbul: Working Mom, Will Travel--Part Five

I turn 42 this week.  I have two kids, ages two and under.  I haven’t ruled out a third child and wonder what the world would feel like with three kids under the age of five. 1,041 more words