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AT&T is trying really hard to get me to cancel

When you walk into an AT&T store with the intention of buying a new phone, and you walk out thinking you need to switch carriers, then you know something is seriously fucked up with your policies…. 618 more words


Fiber optic line to blame for massive AT&T outage

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A major outage affected thousands of AT&T wireless and wireline customers Sunday afternoon. A cut line may be to blame.

The Major AT&T cellular outage is due to a fiber optic line cut.

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Pre-orders begin for the Samsung Galaxy S6 & HTC One M9 | Empiezan los pedidos anticipados para el Samsung Galaxy S6 y el HTC One M9

[EN]: The Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones is one of the top favorites in the US market, but HTC is willing to compete with its HTC One M9. 433 more words


AT&T Says Fuck You to Privacy for Fiber Speeds

AT&T is offering affordable, yes I said it, gigabyte download speeds for a reasonable price. Yet we should and need to take a closer look into this to understand why it is affordable and able to compete against Google Fiber and other offerings. 450 more words


AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing - and what you can do about it

”If you have AT&T’s gigabit Internet service and wonder why it seems so affordable, here’s the reason—AT&T is boosting profits by rerouting all your Web browsing to an in-house traffic scanning platform, analyzing your Internet habits, then using the results to deliver personalized ads to the websites you visit, e-mail to your inbox, and junk mail to your front door,” Jon Brodkin reports for Ars Technica. 151 more words


I hope no one dies

Into Grey’s Anatomy matters, I don’t know if I’m for or against this cheater thing. MerDer was becoming so bring lately, but at the same time, I don’t like cheaters, or people who forgive cheaters… It almost kill me to see Arizona and Callie get back together after Arizona cheat Callie. 127 more words

Dear Me

Prices for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge revealed by at&t and T-mobile

AT&T and T-mobile have given out the prices they are going to sell the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for. Due to the premium design this Samsung series carry, the prices have raised, a little. 404 more words