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Titles ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

Certain literary titles make for appealing and memorable books. War and Peace, for one.

Of course, there is more to books than titles, but same as with meeting someone, the first impression counts. 247 more words

World, Near And Far

Farewell 2014

The year began with My Phrase for 2014.

I began selecting a word/ phrase for the year from 2012 onward. The principle is, you use that phrase/ word as your reference point- like the beacon of a lighthouse. 1,327 more words


A to Z Reflection Post

So, April is over. We’ve written, we’ve read, we’ve laughed (we’ve also cried while reading … no? okay just me then) and now it’s time to step back and reflect. 679 more words

World, Near And Far

The Vasfall Realm

The Vasfall

In the saga of finishing the A-Z Blog Challenge, we touch on one of the hearts of the Mortale Spiritus world – The Vasfall. 471 more words


Uriron Amulets

Uriron Amulets

In the quest to finish the A-Z Blog Challenge, we give you the other letter ‘U’ in our alphabet. To give some supernaturals, or ‘nats, some hope against the power of the Mortale Spiritus – Uriron Amulets… 164 more words


[A to Z] Reflections Post 2014

Whew, I made it. I almost missed “Y” this year because I had gotten so used to scheduling a week’s worth of posts at a time that I forgot that I hadn’t actually done the posts for the last week, and then work got busy and I didn’t remember until the next day (which was the actual “Y” day since I usually post around midnight before I go to sleep). 517 more words


Three Tarshish?

The Priceless Tarshish

A short stop on the A-Z Blog Challenge with the letter ‘T’, we touch on the Tarshish of the Mortale Spiritus.

Tarshish – “Pearl” Gems formed of essence above or below ground. 429 more words