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5 Essential Exercises for Speed

Speed is the name of the game in today’s sports world and every “guru” out there has their won specific set of skills that they promise will get an athlete faster. 468 more words


The Risk of the Quick Fix

Oh, the quick fix… that magic pill and potion or “secret remedy” that people search for to achieve perfection. While the pursuit of perfection is an admirable goal, problems arise when people are too impatient to work for it. 343 more words


The 5 laws to Build Quality Muscle- Law 4: Patience

Law 4: PATIENCE: Trusting the Process

In this week’s addition to the 5 Laws to Get Quality Muscle we look at Law 4: PATIENCE. Patience? One might ask, what does being patient have to do with building muscle and helping me reach my goal. 511 more words


What drives you from the inside out?

Whether it be work, school, sport or any other arena in life where one needs to perform, the prevailing motivation view is typically, “reward me and I’ll work harder.” But is that how motivation really works? 380 more words

Mental Perspectives

Top 12 Habits & Traits of Highly Recruited Athletes, Share with your Kids!

(This might have already been posted earlier today, my bad for the repost but it disappeared!)

Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to share this article, Top 12 Habits & Traits of Highly Recruited Athletes… 11 more words

Athlete Motivation: Turn your Dreams into Goals

Way to many times I see people tell themselves what kind of good intentions they have for themselves in the future:
“I want to finish a marathon” 206 more words