So many positive things!

Today was my last day of lectures for my second year! The next time I go into a lecture it will be the final year of my undergrad degree! 265 more words

Browns Ferry employee recovering after fall and minor contamination

ATHENS, Ala. – A Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant employee is recovering after suffering a cut and contamination after a fall Wednesday.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant spokeswoman Kristine Shattuck-Cooper said an employee fell about five feet while working in the plant. 62 more words


A Poem

Puddles of raindrops

Flooding down back streets to broad street

Fills my view

Through the glistening glass of this coffee shop

I look beyond

Over the arches of that fence over there… 71 more words

Terrapin Beer Co. - Mosaic Red Rye IPA - Athens, GA.

I’ve come to realize that I’m a seasonal drinker. I like hoppier beers in the warmer weather and maltier beers in the colder weather. So, seeing as how we’ve recently been having some nice 75-degree days, I decided to break out something a little more suitable. 802 more words

Flip blunt

From:Dirty South


South Kitchen and Bar: High Class, Great Food

There are not that many places in Athens, GA to go to if you’re looking for a high class restaurant. Being in a college town, the majority of consumers are looking for high quantity and cheap. 227 more words