In which I went for a walk...

…and that warranted introspection.

Yes, your favourite rambler went for a walk. A looooooong walk. The sort of walk that starts with me aimlessly checking out shops (and being taken for a tourist in my own damn home town) and ends with long and philosophical contemplation over my lunch. 320 more words


Greece in the News: Woody Allen prefers Plato

While promoting his new movie, director Woody Allen made some comments on the Greek financial crisis that can only be described as “interesting”:

“It is horrible.

304 more words

Week 2 of My Internship (+ Some GDF Stuff, Of Course)

Tomorrow begins the second full week of work at my internship with Project Safe this summer. So far, it’s been a HUGE learning curve–there’s so much that goes into a nonprofit that I never would have thought of! 699 more words


Europe Trip 2015-Day 11 Athens

We woke up at 0630am to get an early start on our last day in Europe. We handed over the keys to our apartment and headed out the door around 0730am, backpacks on and ready to see everything we could before our flight out in the evening. 1,427 more words

It's been a while.. 

So my blogging game has been lacking. And on the most part it’s because I’ve been running around squealing because my next trip is coming up soon and I’m spending all my time purchasing white clothing to wear in Santorini. 545 more words


Greece - Athens - Eat


So one the memorable things that stays your mind when you travel is food!!!

First stop, not much was open just yet so we had one of these pretzel breads selling everywhere on a cart. 304 more words