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Midnight Wanderer

Often, I am the mercy of my internal critic. It waxes and wanes like tides under the influence of a full moon.  Each word of my creations eroded by the crashing waves of scrutiny. 95 more words


Riding the Wind

The wind was wrong.

Ben had always been able to read the wind. Where other people felt the brush of the wind, heard it howling through the narrow streets, to Ben the wind had always been a visible thing, a twisting dance of light and texture meant only for him. 1,347 more words


The Biggest Surprise

I got the biggest surprise today in the mail.

I have four new Fairy Godmother’s that are cheering and looking out for me. When I opened the package, I started to cry. 186 more words


TOMORROWLAND (2015) - My rating: 7.5/10

Given this movie was designed to appeal to the younger adult crowd, I think it was pretty good, even for us older youth.  It’s a little corny and a little dragged out but still entertaining. 320 more words


Athens: A Lesson Learned in First Impressions

Athens, Greece. It is one of the world’s oldest cities and it’s known as τὸ κλεινὸν ἄστυ, or “the glorious city” in English.

However, my first impression of Athens was anything but glorious. 725 more words


Athena as Assistant to the Will

As you may notice from site images, Athena is an asteroid I pay quite a bit of attention to.

She is like a benevolent assistant to the will – she provides the strategy and a sense of determination in the face of adversity. 155 more words