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Athena Returning to The ROW

Reality of Wrestling’s Diamonds Division has been virtually dormant since February, but a significant boost is on the way. Athena “The Wrestling Goddess” returns to The ROW on July 18th. 32 more words


Dinner at Saizen

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Saizen which opened late last year in place of The Pier in Colaba. In fact, I’d happily rate as one of the better stand-alone Japanese restaurants in the city. 727 more words


DINNER: Kamiya Building (at least that's what Google Maps says - I didn't get a receipt)

A very short distance from the Guest House Paradise Okinawa hostel, there’s a delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Kamiya Building (神谷ビル). It’s easy to find as it’s situated at “T” in the road. 711 more words


Chronicles of Athena - Fifty Weeks

Last week, I was in Aberdeen for my sister’s graduation, which meant that Athena had to spend her first ever day away from me. My mum came over to stay at my flat while I was in Aberdeen, and was left with a long list of instructions about how to attend to Lady Athena in the style to which Athena has been accustomed to. 166 more words

Fluffy Friday

Trancing, Spatial Metaphors

I went in on the 8th, the night of, and K and I made our way to the Dark Wood and up Elethis. As I made my way up the Root and then the Trunk, I became aware of a wind blowing down and out from the HW and how my wings unfurled from it, and it felt easy, almost tempting, to let go of the Tree and let the winds carry me, but that kept me away from my goal— 584 more words