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Batman is Lord

During the summer of 2008, my girlfriend came to my house for a visit. I had been talking up the new release of The Dark Knight in theaters all week and how excited I was that we were going to see it. 1,030 more words

Social Issues

What is Proselytization?

Or rather, what counts as proselytization? Do holy books count? When someone reads a holy text, are the words proselytizing to them? Or is something more required before it can be considered proselytizing?

God: The 'fine tuning' problem.

“One does not have to appeal to God to set the initial conditions for the creation of the universe, but if one does He would have to act through the laws of physics”. 885 more words


Leaving the Faith: Doubting Assumptions

Earlier today, Mak asked me a great question in one of his comments. It reminded me of one that I used to ask myself back when I had faith in God: which is more important, being a good person or being a good Christian? 1,011 more words