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Do Objective Moral Values and Duties Exist? (Debate) Affirmative 2nd Post

Let me start this post with an admission. As I have contemplated Coel’s response I find myself humbled. I knew what I was getting myself into and was mentally prepared to take on a man of such intelligence. 3,911 more words


Is the Supernatural Reasonable?

My faith background was Lutheran. For those who don’t quite know what that implies, Lutherans tend to be some of the quietest, most introspective Christians. Part of that is because of the person who is the namesake of the denomination – Martin Luther. 857 more words


What If....You're Right?

I was surfing YouTube like any average teenager, watching a video by a couple of atheists. These two atheists were mocking evangelism attempts by Christians by singling out one thing that some Christians say to get atheists considering their possible repercussions of not believing in God. 342 more words


The clumsiness of atheism

Atheism is an idea. Most often (thank God), it is an idea lived and told with blunt jumbo-crayon clumsiness. Some child of Christianity or Judaism dons an unbelieving Zorro costume and preens about the living room. 161 more words


Properly Understanding the Bible

Author’s Note: Still a little out of it. This is a post that’s a bit of a rant, but I think I’ve succeeded at making it boring. 779 more words


Arkansas county clerk waiting on instructions from God on same-sex marriage.

Embarassing. Shocking. Illegal. The Randolph County Clerk Rhonda Blevins has said she is waiting for instruction on same-sex marriage from an imaginary being that does not, will not and never has communicated with a human being. 217 more words


Priest: Hell isn't real.

A Catholic Priest says hell isn’t real and that the afterlife, which he personally believes in, is not a reward or punishment system.

He says the hell concept was completed invented to control the stupid masses. 35 more words