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morality without magic

There are so many disclaimers I feel I have to share, but I’ll pick just two:

  1.  I know, I KNOW, I should not give a knee-jerk reaction to the silly things the silly people say and do.
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My Moral Compass is Broken

If you’re an Atheist, Jesus may love you but his fans aren’t so understanding. Recent comments by  two older, conservative Christian men have been making news. 982 more words

Social Commentary

Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins

Today is the 74th birthday of Richard Dawkins. We should wish him happy birthday, but not only because Christians love their neighbours, and indeed their enemies. 279 more words

Amoral Majority

This latest rant by Phil Robertson (of “Duck Dynasty” fame) is a great example of how the idea of objective morality is used to keep Theists in the flock and quietly submissive (trigger warning for the link: the quote mentions rape and murder). 941 more words


TV Special About Atheists

Did anyone watch the CNN Special last night — “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers”? I did and my considered opinion of it was “What a bunch of crock!” 225 more words


A Damnable Dilemma!

Seems like I’m always reading (or hearing) that atheists are just as bad as religious folks. This theme has a few funny variants! Pushy atheists are just as bad as pushy  believers, or maybe they are just as closed minded as fundamentalists. 799 more words


Problems with Evolution - A Science Fiction Story

What do you call a theory that relies on too many experimentally unverifiable assumptions? A science fiction story. – itsnobody

If we are to be completely honest and objective with ourselves we can see with 100% certainty that evolution the theory is nothing more than a nonsensical pseudo-scientific science fiction story put out in the media and sold as true.

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