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Tradition, in and of itself, is a bad reason to do anything

During a discussion with a friend on the rights afforded to women under Islamic Sharia, I was presented with what I found to be a strange argument. 610 more words


Lucifer Isn't Such a Bad Guy

Mostly because he doesn’t exist. That being said, there are plenty of people out there who believe in the existence of a being called “Lucifer.” Not only that, there are people who believe Lucifer is synonymous with Satan, arch-nemesis of God – the proverbial… 540 more words


India's Silenced Lokayata Tradition

There was a period in the development of religious civilization in India during which several religious and philosophical schools emerged to challenge the rigid Vedic standards, including animal sacrifice and the caste system that prevented social mobility and restricted association. 940 more words


The Great Bible Rewrite - Genesis Chapter 4

1. Adam fucked Eve. They apparently got married at some point, earlier, too. She got pregnant. Eve said “With the help of the Lord, I have brought forth a man.” His name was Cain. 807 more words


Atheism has an escape route

Some atheists complain that it is unfair of God to condemn unbelievers to hell. In the Bible there is an example of this type of illogical reasoning. 461 more words

Answering Sceptics

"Do Not Link" and Why I Use It

Roughseas recently wrote this post with regards to being accused for “baiting” someone by using proper academic (and journalistic) integrity by citing to sources. Generally I do the same thing; it’s my own personal means of making sure that others do not have to take my word for what I’m quoting. 931 more words