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Let's talk about Sodom and Gomorrah

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to gay couples everywhere the right to marry who they choose, there’s a lot of recovered noise about the topic of homosexuality. 943 more words

Social Issues

What the Hell?

I usually don’t post about the concept of Hell because I’d much rather post about ideas that I have a higher chance of changing my mind on.   703 more words


Life Without God.

A former colleague wrote to me about a month after I came out to say that he had been keeping track of my journey from his vantage point way out in New York City. 2,655 more words


An alternative view of an alternative view

“… if you put your art work (writing) out to the public on a very public blog, you should expect not every one is going to agree with you and they might offer an alternative view that opposes your own. 1,106 more words


Can you be an ethical atheist?

To know that you are simply an accidental conglomeration of chemicals at the same time that such a thing as morals even exist is oxymoronic statement and yet I hear it all the time from fellow atheists.   48 more words


Exposure to the Christian Message

In the early days of my trek through Christianity, as I settled into a routine of weekly church life and daily readings of the Bible, I was continually subjected to what is known as the “gospel,” or the “good news.” This is merely jargon for Christianity’s… 2,207 more words


Belief & Disbelief & Burden of Proof. Oh My!

In this post I dive deeper into my thoughts about belief and disbelief. See how my conclusions reveal the atheist.org definition of Atheism to be self-contradicting nonsense. 686 more words