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But my dog ate my blog!

Back in the day, your dog could eat your homework or you simply forgot your assignment in your mom’s car and she works an hour away. 157 more words


Kids of today

Adults of tomorrow, are the kids of today,

Not just food, let them happy and safely, go out to play,

Childhood obesity is now at heart-breaking rate, 22 more words


Old Fashion Honey!!


0 yen, today, because the other day I got a free doughnut ticket from the blood donation center


I’d be better if people could spell. 

Online Dating

Ruffles Crispy Fries

I recently received a free sample of Ruffles Crispy Fries. tl;dr – they’re weird and gross.

Have you ever found a weeks-old french fry under the seat in your car and wondered what it tastes like? 84 more words

Do Not Recommend

The Wardrobe Ate My Dad (poem)

The wardrobe ate my dad!
It started with his head
Chomped his neck and shoulders,
Then underpants (bright red)

The wardrobe ate my dad
Like a chocolate treat. 11 more words


After a long time I ate a ramen, though..

Taste? Mmm, so so

Not so bad, and not so special

It seems to be called “ton-nabe raamen”

“Ton” is, in this case, short of “tonkotsu”, and “nabe” means “pot”