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[RENEW AUSTRALIA] Founding Members’ Statement of Values & Purpose (Draft)

20 January 2015

A new party for a new vision for Australia

Founding Members’ Statement of Values & Purpose


When over long duration the foundations of political parties become eroded and their purposes fall out of touch with the nation’s basic values and beliefs, and when government and opposition join in advocating policies ever more corrosive of our national spirit of fairness and justice, there arises the need for new political groupings to better express the voice of the people. 5,242 more words


My Response to the Moss Review

It is unspeakably distressing for me to read the Moss Report for a number of reasons.  In 2011 I was employed in the National Communications Branch of the then named Department of Immigration and Citizenship. 592 more words


By reason of Insanity

By reason of Insanity
By AJ O’Brien.

Encased within darkness
Beneath a torrential rain
He stands atop the black soil
And looks upon his new domain. 139 more words


Serving with Hope through SNC TRIPS

Hope, as we cross the bridge, officially saying goodbye to St. Norbert
Hope, as we navigate highways, byways, and then the traffic of Chicago
Hope, as we see our spacious new home with beds instead of a hard floor… 327 more words

Economist 3/26/15

  1. SAUDI Arabia was only going to tolerate the advance of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen for so long. Early on the morning of March 26th the kingdom said it had…
  2. 791 more words

Further Frontiers

Short video (in Spanish) about the difficulties to access asylum protection in Spain

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April Retreat getting close

Well, we’re less than a month away from the first retreat in the new facility at Beechworth’s Mayday Hills Village.
A 150-year old asylum, the place is amazing. 59 more words