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Crazy Club

I don’t know what I was expecting. Part of me wanted to find a room of intellectuals sitting around discussing politics and current affairs, as if the mental health illnesses that had brought them together were nothing more than the catalyst for uniting some incredible men and women of great wisdom. 953 more words

Mental Health

Myths on Migration

This is a really-old blog post I wrote on a old site in 2010. Have reposted here as I feel it’s still relevant but never want to direct anyone back to that silly blog!  558 more words


Post Script: The Bird Box - K J Steele

Asylum = sanctuary, safety, refuge- not in this case.

The Bird Box

K.J. Steele

The Story Plant

Story Plant, The



Society said they were insane, and in 1954, that was enough to put someone away in an asylum and separate them from the world. 523 more words

Post Script: Book Reviews

Terrifying Tuesdays: Let's Play Outlast

Thank you for joining me for another episode of Terrifying Tuesdays, where we’re committed to exploring the darkest recesses of even the creepiest insane asylums. Today we’re playing an early moment from the survival horror series, Outlast. 83 more words


Matt DeHart is Named Beneficiary of the Courage Foundation

In reporting the case of American prisoner Matthew Paul DeHart, it’s rare to encounter good news, but today is that rare day. One day after DeHart’s extradition from Canada, the country where he had sought asylum as a political refugee, to the United States, the Courage Foundation has named DeHart… 535 more words


Asylum and detention

This disturbing film is one of the many reasons you keep reading about asylum in the UK if you follow my blog.

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