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UK is anxious of getting refugee receiver reputation, says top legal commentator

“The United Kingdom is anxious of getting a reputation of a state that receives refugees,” said Joshua Rozenberg, who is the best-known legal commentator and journalist in the United Kingdom. 158 more words


Asylum and detention

This disturbing film is one of the many reasons you keep reading about asylum in the UK if you follow my blog.

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Asylum in the UK today

The Refugee Council has just issued a top ten list of facts about asylum in the UK which draws on the government’s own migration statistics for 2014. 556 more words

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Judicial Review Hearing for Aderonke Apata: A Nigerian Lesbian and LGBT Activist

By Sam

The Judicial Review Hearing for Aderonke Apata’s asylum claim to remain in the UK, is at the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday 3rd March 2015… 174 more words

“A million refugees in UK..” says Independent’s Andy McSmith sarcastically

“Well yeah obviously, if we took one million refugees here , yeah, that will help!”

That was the reaction of Andy McSmith a senior reporter at The Independent, when I told him over lunch at the Palace of Westminster in London in March 2014, that there were more than one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon and counting. 304 more words


We Will Tsunami You

Australia is to develop a fleet of tsunami generators to wreak revenge on foreign powers who ignore this great nation’s pleas for clemency, PM abbott said on Sunday. 345 more words


This is where I am, By Karen Campbell

This is Where I am is a narrative woven together from the differing perspectives of two central characters – Abdi an asylum seeker who has fled Somalia with his daughter, and Deborah, a woman who has withdrawn from her world after the death of her husband. 416 more words