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A welcoming voice

“I remember the first night we arrived in Pennington Hostel. We were allocated with a little compartment within the Nissen Hut, and the first person, the first Australian person, that we met was a member of ICRA (Indo-Chinese Refugee Association) and the first thing they ask is “Welcome, and what can I do to help you?” 578 more words

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Asylum Seekers and our Policy of Positive Asylum --- Part Two

Now it should be pretty obvious from what we said in Part One, that appealing to empathy as our guiding principle makes it clear what not to do as far as our immigration policy. 1,179 more words

Social Justice

What Would You Want Australia to Do for Asylum Seekers If You Were One? --- Part One

Something of the crude nature of parliamentary democracy is exposed in the media (and public) reaction to evidence of corruption in the current Government’s dealing with “people smugglers.” Why isn’t the focus on what would be the only just response towards these refugees seeking political and economic asylum in our country? 534 more words

Social Justice

Amnesty International Australian Refugee Coordinator: Paying people smugglers is immoral

Speaking to Aljazeera Graham Thom Amnesty International Australian Refugee Coordinator said speaking about the Abbott Government paying people smugglers out at sea said “It is neither legal nor moral, you are not allowed to aid people smugglers.” 139 more words

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Boats secrecy leads to bad policy without democratic accountability

Alex Reilly

The secrecy around whether the Australian government has or has not paid people smugglers highlights a deeper problem with the way it is handling asylum-seeker policy. 711 more words

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Solidarity demo for Asylum Seeker in Sheffield

A demonstration was held today to stop the extradition of Janahan Sivanathan an asylum seeker who lives in South Yorkshire.  Janahan is a Tamil from Sri Lanka.  29 more words

Asylum Seeker

EU Plan to Relocate Asylum Seekers Across Europe: Whatever Happened to the Temporary Protection Directive?

Almost every day in the news, I see articles announcing new migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. Human rights monitors have forecasted that even more migrants from Africa and the Middle East will attempt to cross the Mediterranean this summer, meaning even more will die in the process. 875 more words