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I still believe in Selma

What if I sat in stillness and looked out of the window of my bedroom at the darkness of pre-dawn?

If I looked out the window at pre-dawn instead of switching on to a device with its glaring screen. 197 more words

Interiors, florals and still-life are some of the subjects currently being tackled by our artists.

This flower detail is by Virginia McNamara, This lounge room detail is by Beryl White and it looks very much like one of her atmospheric paintings in the background. 70 more words


Interview: Former Chief Justice of Nauru, Geoffrey Eames

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Mar 21, 2015 as “Justice undone”

Geoffrey Eames receives me at a spartan table in his temporary office at the Owen Dixon Chambers in Melbourne’s legal district. 1,596 more words


Mengecam Pernyataan Menkopolhukam tentang Pencari Suaka sebagai Komoditas Diplomatik!


“Mengecam Pernyataan Menkopolhukam tentang Pencari Suaka sebagai Komoditas Diplomatik!”

Jakarta, 13 Maret 2015

SUAKA, sebuah jaringan masyarakat sipil untuk advokasi hak-hak azasi pengungsi dan pencari suaka, sangat menyesalkan pernyataan Mekopolhukam yang menjadikan pencari suaka politik/pengungsi sebagai dagangan politik di saat ketegangan diplomatik Indonesia dan Australia terjadi terkait masalah penerapan hukuman mati di Indonesia. 891 more words


'My brother is waiting to be killed in Syria': Wodonga woman fights to save brother

Originally published on ABC Goulburn Murray, March 11th 2015

Wodonga’s Mayssa Powell says she is desperate to save her brother from almost certain death in Syria after the Federal Government rejected her applications to bring him to Australia. 178 more words

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Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday - I Turn the Tap

I turn a tap

I turn the tap

The water flows

And I am happy.

I bear down

The bowels give

And I am happy. 151 more words


Club Oz Party Land

‘DJ Kevin’ refers to ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, but the names of other Prime Ministers before and after him could easily have been used.

Images: … 29 more words

Capitalist Ideology