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Arizona State's Christian Westerman may not be human after benching 315 pounds 20 times

I think we all understand that football players, linemen specifically, are incredibly strong. They certainly need to be when another 300-pound behemoth is coming at them with everything he has. 133 more words

College Football

Competition VS Great Work Ethic

It’s been an interesting last couple weeks. My new business partner took a huge pay cut to leave his current company to come partner with my company. 320 more words


COCAL Updates

It’s been a busy summer already. Here’s more from COCAL.

by Joe Berry

COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a nearly 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri national – USA, CAN, MEX) every other year, usually in August. 415 more words

COCAL Updates

Big Al is Definitely ‘Larger than Life’

“I don’t really have a style. I just do it. I love lines, I feel lines. I see something, I say, ‘Man, that’s nice!’” – Allen B. 732 more words

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upside down, inside out

I went to my freshman orientation at ASU yesterday and i got to say… I’m actually kind of excited. I’m also a little sad that I won’t be staying at the dorms because i might not make friends. 90 more words




   Shakespeare never wrote a truer word when he penned sonnet fifty nine and proclaimed, If there be nothing new, but that which is…Hath been before, how our brains are beguiled.” 2,057 more words