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The Final Frontier as a symbol of confidence

Walking home from Emanuel’s house after an early dinner, I asked why he wanted to study astronomy in university.

“I want to go to Mars,” he said before diving into his fascination with the universe’s birth and theories about what happens next. 793 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early-bird

 Moonset on the West Coast… an early-bird quest

The Oregon Coast is known for its breath-taking sunsets.

But… what about moonsets?

A recent camping trip to the beach during the full moon phase provided a great opportunity for seeking an answer to this question. 129 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Photons From 200 Million Years Ago

Yesterday when I processed and posted the open cluster Messier 44, I noticed I had captured a faint galaxy in the background.  So while the stars in the open cluster are within our galaxy at a distance of 577 light years, that faint galaxy UGC 4526 is located at 200 million light years away.  72 more words


11 images that capture the incredible vastness of space

1) The sun is incomprehensibly huge

We all know the sun is big. But this image, part of a great series on the size of astronomical objects by John Brady… 911 more words


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I couldn't stop looking at these! I think this might give me the hope I was asking for after this morning's post about the California drought. Sometimes we just need a little perspective, am I right? With galactic love, ~~~S Wave~~~

Meade Series 5000 MWA Eyepiece

In January Meade launched the Series 5000 MWA Eyepiece.  With an apparent field of view of 100deg, this is the widest available from Meade.  Currently only four focal lengths are available: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 21mm.  46 more words


Messier 81 and Messier 82

We had a small window of what I thought were decent skies. Actually, I had gone to bed,but looked through the window and saw clear skies. 109 more words