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Stories from The Sky: Astronomy in Indigenous Knowledge

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Stories from The Sky: Astronomy in Indigenous Knowledge.

 Night sky over Lake Tyrrel in Western Victoria – home of the Wergaia people. 156 more words


Hubble - the last 25 years

Forget men walking on the moon, the real news has come from Hubble.

If we did not have the cold war ,provoking US man agains Soviet man, we may have been able to focus on unmanned space exploration and spent the funds more effectively, in terms of  creating real and new knowledge. 446 more words


Science Picture Book

Science Crackers: Awesome Astronomy

By Raman Prinja


Published: 2011. Publisher: QEB Publishing.

Hardcover: 32 pages. ISBN: 978-1-60992-040-1

GENRE: Science Picture Book

Recommended for ages 8-11… 374 more words

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

Just make sure it is the right star. I first heard this phrase (Hitch your wagon to a star) in Kenny Tamplin’s 90’s release, Get Out of My Sun. 409 more words

Citizen scientists in Calgary help boost interest in astronomy, contribute to research

Social media and citizen scientists are helping local physicists take their research to new heights.

In a world where almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, getting an amazing photo of a harvest moon or a meteor shower has never been easier. 431 more words


From SEN: "Massive exoplanet has extreme orbit around red giant"


28 February 2015
Jenny Winder

Sen—Two groups of astronomers from Germany have, independently of each other, discovered an unusually dense and massive planet which orbits a red giant star. 855 more words

Basic Research

Life on Cherry Tomato

If you look toward the moon right now in the U.S., you’ll see the watermelon to its left, then turn in the opposite direction and you’ll see the grape. 34 more words