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. . . he told me, very tenderly, that it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don’t question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority.

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This is part of an extraordinary essay written by Sasha Sagan, Carl Sagan's daughter. In her very eloquent, extraordinary writing her brilliant parents passed on their intelligence to her as an everlasting gift. She sees the world as I do- which is we are all connected on this planet, and what counts is the present, because that is all we are guaranteed. The more we work together to sustain THE EARTH, and preserve the oceans and allow it to flourish. . .instead of destroying it...the better we all will be....now and in the future. Paulette Le Pore Motzko Was married to a real rocket scientist 15 years.. enough to know every specialty of engineering and how we rely in science and technology for everything from the connections of our smart phones to weather reports to new medical breakthroughs in zero gravity. image From a book lover since age four, I couldn't agree with Carl Sagan more! Images found on Pinterest, authors unknown. March 2015 image image

Taking a look at our night sky

So often we look up at the night sky with wonder. Here at Baja Dark Skies we have the rare opportunity to really see many things close up through a variety of telescopes and with the help of cameras. 257 more words

Dark Matter: A Measure of Our Ignorance

Dark Matter Just Got Darker (and Weirder) : Discovery News.

“Thought to be spread evenly throughout each cluster, it seems logical to assume that the clouds of dark matter would have a strong interaction — much like the colliding clouds of gas as the colliding dark matter particles should come into very close proximity. 14 more words


My gripe about the misappropriation of quantum physics by new age woo

A  few years ago I ended up consulting someone over a health matter. This guy seemed to be talking sense, until he started up about ‘quantum healing’. 781 more words


Life - Our Special Earth

This is the continuation of the first part. I will now present some facts about how the environment was created for life to exist on Earth. 586 more words


Surveying the Stars

What surveying the stars can teach us:

a) Making a good survey is difficult because you must be sure you get an honest sample. If you don’t survey enough stars, or if you miss some kinds of stars, you can get biased results. 223 more words