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July 04 - Henrietta Swan Leavitt

American astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt, the woman indirectly responsible for making Earth a much smaller and less important place,was born today in 1868.

Leavitt worked at Harvard College Observatory as a “computer”, measuring and recording the brightness of stars.  73 more words


Jewels In The Sunset, July 3rd

And now, having passed in the night (literally), Jupiter and Venus move apart again until next time. (Which is next year.)

Wednesday, July 1st

It was mostly cloudy. 117 more words


No more typical "Mantra"

Come on, can’t I dream for one day
There’s nothing that can’t be done
But how long should it take somebody
Before they can be someone? 35 more words


Waiting for the Stars to Align

Image Credit & Copyright: Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut.

The Everyday Astronaut is at it again!

What do you do when you’re a photographer and you buy a spacesuit online?……You take pictures with you in the spacesuit all over the damn place while doing anything you can think of, of course! 172 more words


Falling into a Black Hole

Black holes are said to be formed when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. So what would happen if you were to *accidentally* fall into one? 3,057 more words


The island rule In this episode, Jordan and Charlie chat about...

The island rule

In this episode, Jordan and Charlie chat about the island rule, how spiral galaxies get their shape and the small brains in social wasps.

By: National Science Foundation.