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Afros & Boobs [Prototype character design]

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Concept Art


“…The glow in space had LaRain speechless. The space kart took off and she left Earth’s orbit. “It’s a human!” two soldiers shouted. LaRain is captured and taken captive. 56 more words

Concept Art

“Sparks flew in the sky like fallen star. GRADE was diving back into the ground because word of a posatronic laser cannon was to be fire from space. 82 more words

Concept Art

From ASTRON: "LOFAR Discovers its First RRAT"

Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy

Daniele Michilli

Rotating RAdio Transients (RRATs; McLaughlin et al. 2006) are sporadically emitting pulsars. Finding more RRATs is important in order to have a complete picture of the radio-emitting… 288 more words

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