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Virgo Moon, Grand Trine in Earth 

Today’s moon is healing. Moon, sun, and Pluto form a grand trine (a big triangle) in earth, creating what feels like a hug after an endless run in trines in action oriented fire signs. 97 more words


Why psychics can be really helpful

Life never flows in a stable path, and thus everyone meets difficult phases in which we need an advisor or a consultant to give us a moral support to keep up the confidence towards our life’s journey. 266 more words


Daily Read: 28th April 2015 - Look after yourself!

Wow… looking at all of these red lines on today’s chart I wish I’d got enough sleep last night. I guess that’s why God gave us coffee :-) 459 more words


ज्योतिष का उद्देश्य क्या है?

ज्योतिष का उद्देश्य

जीवन में सुख पाना हर प्राणी का ध्येय है और मनुष्य भी इससे अछूते नहीं हैं। धरती पर शायद ही कोई ऐसा विरला मनुष्य होगा जिसे सुख की आकांक्षा न हो, जो दुखों से छुटकारा न पाना चाहता हो, फिर चाहे सुख के रूप में उसका ध्येय कितना भी विलग क्यों न हो?


Riots in Baltimore - Astrology

Riots have broken out throughout Baltimore less than three weeks after a 25-year-old man died in police custody.

Some astrologcal indications:

Uranus square Pluto; Saturn square Neptune; (Mercury opposite Saturn) square Moon… 27 more words


Vedic or not, but Astrology!

You know what astrology does? It spoils you. I was told I would be very successful, a little famous and never short of money. I was told I’d have a great this and that. 72 more words

Learning And Discovering

There Is A Time For Love, And Let Me Explain

There is a time for love, and let me explain. As you may already know, there is the right time for all things. There is a real window of time for everyone to meet someone to fall in love with. 843 more words