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Tarot Forecast 7/5/15 - 7/11/15

It’s the 26th week of the year and the Sun is in Cancer. The card of the week is the Queen of Pentacles and the number of the week is 8, a number that brings change as things start to move forward. 1,693 more words


SUN in Cancer


QUALITY : Cardinal



22nd June – 22nd July

22nd June, 1953 Cyndi Lauper

22nd June, 1951 Todd Hunter, DRAGON… 136 more words


Will Greece Vote To Leave The Euro?

A major vote in Greece will occur today that will both shape the future of its economy and Europe’s monetary union. The Greek Bailout Referendum has now become critical, for if the Greek voters vote “No” and side with Tsipras government, then there will be a very sharp recession over the next few months, tax collection will collapse,  and the Tsipras government is unlikely to survive the economic collapse. 765 more words


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I absolutely agree with the article and the results of the referendum. However,I did not dare to write about it in the Greek media,because it would be considered as a propaganda to publish results,before elections.On the other hand,I had to travel away in order to vote.I find a little time to write about it from the place i am now. On Sunday, July 5, today,the opening of the polls for the referendum becomes with the Moon equals to the Hypothetical Kronos on a cosmic level and simultaneously meets the midpoints of Sun / North Node and Sun / Hades, indicating that a catalytic role in the final result will play older people and high net worth and / or influence. Additionally, in the astrological chart of the referendum the Ascendant meets the midpoints of Hades / Poseidon and the North Node / Poseidon, testifying that there will be intense propaganda disorientation of public opinion aimed at workmanlike hijacking of voting of the world without his knowledge. Comparing the self astrological chart of the referendum with the horoscope of the Oath of the government, because the Sun referendum meets the midpoints of Jupiter / Saturn hypothetical and North Node / Uranus Oath of the Government shows that there will be jams and polling overthrow. Meanwhile, the Ascendant referendum is equal to the midpoint of Mars / Saturn the horoscope of Oath of the Government, showing a result that generally will not satisfy. The Government of Mr. Prime Minister proposes the "NO" vote like. For my part I define as the "proposal of the Government" as this first proposal is NOT subject to change or neutralize !! The midpoint of the ascendant and the MC is at the 29th and 54 in the sign of Taurus, on a unfavorable opposition to retrograde Saturn. And at the same chart the day of the referendum the asteroid Ceres is at the 6th and 41 of Aquarius in retrograde motion on a unfavorable opposition with the natal midpoint of Mars - Saturn of Mr. Prime Minister.Finally,the country the next few days will probably will announce early national elections.

Your HORROR - Scope for the week of: July 5th, 2015

Hello again serious solar scanners.

This week’s prognostications are as weird as ever.

They include gravel, guile, and perhaps a smile.

I hope you enjoy them in spite of their repercussions. 727 more words


Combination in a horoscope for multiple wives

According to Jatak Tatwa there are few combinations that leads to someone having multiple wives.


Combination for having your own business

For person who makes big empires in business and create new industries all three Ascendant,sun and moon are very strong. These are the people who  make new industries and roll in millions. 179 more words


Venus and Jupiter in one's chart

With Venus and Jupiter brilliant in the sky together, here are some thoughts on them in one’s chart using esoteric astrology principles. Both planets can represent the high vibration of causal wisdom (Soul and triadal understanding) as well as alignment with the most expanded and sublime aspects of pure Being (Venus and Jupiter respectively). 1,150 more words