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Quatrain X-67 and the video of a Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015

This morning I read an article on the Internet that reported a video that was becoming popular.  The video used the name Nostradamus to support a claim that there would be a 9.8 magnitude earthquake (in California most probably, around 4:00 PM).  1,001 more words


Carry On Mars Attacks...

So… I’ve just buckled up and launched off on the next leg of my Astro travels around my chart… and the way that Mars and Pluto tango around each other… And I land back on earth and slip into conversation and it’s suggested that I am naturally provocative… 2,486 more words

Random Ramblings

daily 4cast: 5/27/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Gemini] conjunct Mars [in Gemini]
Venus [in Cancer] trine Chiron [in Pisces] 220 more words


My Soul's Compass

Taking a Closer Look at my Astrological Gene

I’m a woman in search of my soul, trying to find my unique connection to the divine as I understand it to be. 1,036 more words


Neptune in Pisces: Bringing Back the Beard

Through the ethereal mist of a midnight Neptunian fog came the casual inquiry: “What’s with the beard trend? Why do so many modern guys have beards?” The uncanny synchronicity of the question, which quietly emanated from the speakers of my Hulu-playing laptop and seeped between the incipient imagery of my nocturnal imaginations, woke me from my half-slumber. 1,046 more words


daily 4cast: 5/26/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Virgo] opposite Neptune/Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Virgo] trine Pluto [in Capricorn] 136 more words


Mercury Retrograde

Hi Loves,

Well as you know, mercury is in retrograde until June 11, and can I just say UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  This has been a shitty time, I can’t think as clear as I would like to, and I feel so irritable, everyone is pissing me off and I just got into a fight with my friend and I feel like that friendship is now over. 18 more words