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The history of mankind divides into two great periods, one existed from time immemorial … and was characterized by the ritualist view of nature. The second began with the modern machine age.

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Awaking in New York

Curtains forcing their will

against the wind,

children sleep,

exchanging dreams with

seraphim. The city

drags itself awake on

subway straps; and

I, an alarm, awake as a… 32 more words


What will become of my whole life? … Is there any meaning in my life that the inevitable death awaiting me does not destroy?

— Leo Tolstoy

A Confession, 1882

Grace Jones documentary

The documentary is the first ever film on the former model who rose to fame as a singer in the 1980s, and is described as “a cinematic journey into the private and public worlds of Grace Jones, mixing intimate personal footage with unique staged musical sequences.” …
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Westeros Transit Authority Map

Artist Michael Tyznik has created an entire transit system based on the World of Ice and Fire. It’s not just Westeros either.

via Westeros Transit Authority Map | Anibundel.