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Small Businesses - 4 Easy Ways to Get More Done

Small business owners are some of the busiest people I know. It’s usually because you have a limited amount of resources and big dreams and goals… 373 more words


"Office assistant" Eve on taxes

Tax preparation is like looking in the rear view mirror.


A Casting Direction Part II

This is not meant for all agents, assistants, but across the board, problems are greater than fewer, so I started writing this blog because every job I was casting was becoming more and more frustrating. 1,346 more words


Celebrity Secrets Shared By Housekeepers - Grab And Go Gossip

Who doesn’t love a little celebrity dirt. Radar Online got the dirt straight from their housekeepers and assistants.

Here’s some of the secrets that were shared about celebrities by their employees: 248 more words



It feels like it’s been decades since Apple originally released the first iPhone. Well in tech years, it could be considered centuries actually. But where did it originally come from, why was it made, how was it made, and more importantly, how is it affecting the millennial generation? 848 more words


My neck on the line

Sir Suit had a crucial limitation date today, which meant we had to file of course TODAY.

I have often wondered why it’s necessary to leave everything to the last minute and why we cannot file, say, for instance, one day early on these things, but it seems that Sir Suit along with the other alligators, sorry I mean, LITIGATORS, likes the rush of adrenalin he gets at the mere thought of perhaps missing the date. 353 more words

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