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Assignment: An Influential Event

Undertaking the Theatre Studies and Drama (TSD) course in my junior college (JC) was probably one of the most fruitful and influential events that I have managed to experience in my life.  285 more words


Inspiring Story of Successful People in Business

Welcome March, yeah.. this is the first day in March. So fast right? Of course, this year February just have 28 days.

Anyway, I wanna share my business opportunities assignment, for the second time. 1,242 more words


Semester 2 skills test

Using a mixture of all previous skills learnt we had to recreate an image of our choice . I chose the one below .

My Re-creation


Black and white Conversions and adjustment layers

Converting a colour image to black and white .

If we simply remove colour, or shoot the scene with black and white film, or even set the camera to black and white, the problem is we have no control over where the tones will lie in relation to one another. 520 more words


Spotted one

Grace, speed
and stealth
spotted and
doted you
and elusive
as always
We take
you as you are, we accept you as you are ,fast and smooth. 22 more words

# Assignment

Panel Write Up: Optimizing Pricing and Distribution Plans

Panel Write Up: Optimizing Pricing and Distribution Plans
Team ClearHome (Heather Lewis, Jeff Kinney, Mary Ke, Sarah Abramowitz, Sungjoon Kim, Michael Pamphlet)

This past Monday, our class was fortunate to hear from three very accomplished and visionary entrepreneurial thought leaders; Leigh McMillan, VP of Marketing at Avvo, Steve Banfield, Digital Executive at Rightside, and Brant Williams, Founder of Tenacious Offense and Guided Products. 887 more words


#76 - If a Toilet Could Pray...

…what would it pray for?

Oh great and powerful John Crapper, I ask that you watch over me in this time of need.  I can hear my master and his colleagues imbibing on spirits and flesh of a fowl soaked in the juices of spiced peppers and ask for your most divine intervention. 

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