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Students Should be IBL to Learn How they Learn Best

(Note for title: pronounce IBL phonetically for the pun)

A different way for students to learn, is through a technique called “Inquiry-based learning” or “IBL”.  In this, students ask questions about things they are curious about, such as… 378 more words



Formative Assessment Task  – Identify a practitioner whose work is connected in some way with your work-based learning placement discipline. The practitioner and his/her work should also connect with you in someway. 421 more words


Algebra 1 Assignment for 3/26

Study for tomorrow’s test!  Use the Quadratic Practice Test (and Quadratics Practice Test Answers)

Also good practice: using the Cumulative IXL Review Modules.  I’ve bolded the ones that would be particularly important/useful. 78 more words


Winnipeg snapshots

Over the past few months, I’ve been sent out into the Exchange District and surrounding area with my camera. Usually, it’s for a specific purpose, like a weather photo, or practicing depth of field in photography. 122 more words


Arguing with God

Exodus 4:  God gives Moses his marching orders.

Lessons for Living Today:

Moses was so like us—he argued with God about what he should do. 355 more words

AP Statistics Assignment for 3/26

Start reading Chapter 25 with pages 672-681 (stop when you get to “Homogeneity”)

From the exercises (698-699) do 5, 7, 11


Deadline Day, the last lecture, and potentially too much sushi

Yesterday was deadline day! Some departments have lots of days where they have to hand essays in, but the music department just simplifies things. “everything in on the last Wednesday of term, kids” they say. 224 more words