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Key Assignment 1: Pervasive Computing Reflective Report– Photo Processing Kiosk (summary)

The research is about the analysis of photo processing kiosk as a pervasive device to evaluate its usability to the user which the analysis did was establish from the surveys. 696 more words


Essay Reflection of Commonplace Book Project

At first I was a bit intimidated by the nature of this project. I remember rereading the examples from Performing Prose, as if trying to memorize the pattern of the project’s format.   1,024 more words


Commonplace Entry #10

The point of this assignment was to analyze an array of (creative) nonfiction in the hopes of better understanding rhetoric and the various techniques of writing style.   349 more words


10+ Synonyms of Searching Terms

Beauty contests; beauty contests for girls; beauty contests for toddlers; beauty pageants for girls;  satire of beauty contests; satire of beauty pageants; child beauty pageants; notion of beauty; beauty of women; stereotypes in beauty contests; child beauty pageants; Little Miss Sunshine; beauty contests films; beauty pageants films.


Dear Arthur

Dear Arthur,

Your highness, I have heard a lot of stories about you ( one of the most known king across the world). Awesome name by the way, I hoped for something legendary like yours (bear-like). 249 more words

Writing 101


Es krim adalah sebuah makanan yang dibekukan terbuat dari produk olahan susu dengan campuran krim dan diberikan perasa dan pemanis. Es krim biasanya disajikan sebagai makanan penutup atau bisa dikonsumsi sebagai cemilan. 196 more words

Creative Writing

#214 - You're Locked in Your Favorite Department Store Overnight

I stand at the door, looking out at the parking lot.  Not a soul to be seen anywhere.  I sigh with resignation.  It looks like I’m trapped for the duration of the night. 

139 more words