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Animation evaluation

I have made Letter G, A and Canon brief animations.

They are stop motion animation so I draw something one step at a time and take pictures then put them together on After Effects. 611 more words


Standalone Assignment

This assignment was to go out of the classroom and find something happening for a standalone photo. 

Grace Douglas, 19, gardens in the Outback Farm for her work-study program. 121 more words


A Knight of The White Cross?

I revise ANYTHING I said about G.A. Henty last week.

Throughout the book, I was mindlessly reading and dwelling about the number of pages. I wasn’t paying attention to really ANYTHING¬†that was going. 508 more words


"My Role is to Educate"

Every Saturday night, through summer and into winter, South Cronulla Beach is a hub for teenagers to meet, get drunk and where they are often the target for police harassment. 505 more words


Loss of Motivation

Completely and utterly lost all motivation today!

Yesterday me and the kids went out to Tropical World with our friends, I am sure during the half hour we were there I lost about half a stone in sweat as well, it was suffocating. 403 more words


Frustration at that one question

Don’t you hate it when you are almost done with your assignment, when there is that ONE question stopping you from finishing because you are stuck? 153 more words


Extra Credit for Sophomores and Juniors -- McLean and Hemingway: A comparison in different styles of writing

Extra Credit Assignment: Compare the paragraphs of McLean to Hemingway in reference to the writing instructions I have given you the last few weeks. You may find up to five differences. 981 more words